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Fort improvement idea and some others.

by The7thkey

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Fort improvement idea and some others.

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So we asked for a way to change fort/hub travel from first person to 3rd person. You didnt listen. Why have a character design if we never see them. The other reason was to add run to get places faster.  


We now clearly see this is not going to happen. As a minor remedy to this can we add the ability to move while in map view. Much like Ark evo.  


So about load time we noticed if we uninstalled the the game and reinstalled the load time was reduced and less lloading hang up. This was on ps4. Will disk users load faster or will disk just be used as a purchase check?


We also noticed smaller zone in areas like necropolis and the well that seem to be 12-16 man raid oriented. Less textures, large gather points that slowly lead to a boss fight.  Very much like SWTOR.  I hope this is what is planned for the future raiding would be a great addition in the future. 


Along with a world chat we need a mass server gather point to meet and talk to people. It would have been nice if the fort was like that instead. 

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Re: Fort improvement idea and some others.

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The gather point is something i really want as well.

What's crazy about it is the fact it would help the games business model of selling cosmetics.

The load times on PC were bad as well. I might give the delete/reinstall a go on friday and see if the same thing happens.

Open public area with loads of players running about showing of their vinyls and so on..
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