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Forgotten devs keybindings?

by Drexler_LZ

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Forgotten devs keybindings?

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I guess there is an undocumented but yet active keybinding that mute sounds in Anthem.

I lost sound in the middle of a mission, just when pressing keys and mouse buttons (don't remember which combo).


Can anyone from EA can confirm and explain how to remove the binding?

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Re: Forgotten devs keybindings?

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its not a key bind, its part of the frostbite engine. Its not just you I have had it happen to me a few times now (Im on PC)

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Re: Forgotten devs keybindings?

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Thanks for your answer ^_^




To EA and Bioware (who will never read this, but it relieves me):


And so, implementing a flag variable to disable the shortcut in production environment was too hard for EA?



Public TestEnvironment as Boolean = False;

If TestEnvironment=True then FrostEngineAudioBinding="";


Wow! It was so hard...

Am i a code genius?

No, i'm not.


The anthem code is dirty (i think about a really less polite word).

- CPU & GPU random overloading freezing the computer ;

- process management is completely non existent (try killing anthem process and you will see how origin and anthem process don't even cooperate, as zombies).


And now, this ?

This is amateur work.


And the developers do not deign reading and answering even the most followed and contributed posts in this forum.


I guess when EA will have lost all the trust (which is nearly the case since SWTOR, MEA and BF2), it will be too late to fire the financial and marketing geniuses that manage game development programs, hired instead of real game development professionals.


To become cash machines, games must be FIRST LOVED by players.

To to be LOVED by players it must be developed with CLEAN and CAREGIVING approch.

NOT a "shareholders before the rest of universe" approach.

A lot of people do not need a therapie to work on their limitless and nonsense greed, before they need a wallet...!!! (/wink at Carlos Goshn)

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