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Forced Updates

by DonFredek

Original Post

Forced Updates

★★★★ Novice

I have a problem with your update politics. Everytime I want to start a game, you force me to update the game. I cant use my free time to play, because I have to install the update. Why?

Why is it not possible to skip it and make the update, when I want it. Why do you vtreat your customer like this?

I try to start Star Wars battlefront II today and there is a endless loading screen. I dont know what it means. Why do I have no informattion, why this game start 1h and I cant get in.

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Betreff: Forced Updates


@DonFredek i moved your Post to the english Forum

    Ich bin kein Mitarbeiter von EA, ich helfe nur sehr gerne anderen Spielern.

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Re: Forced Updates

Community Manager

Sorry to hear that you are having issues @DonFredek.


Can I ask, is the update you are seeing each time the same update being redownloaded?


In relation to the frequency of updates, I will pass your feedback on to the team.


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Re: Forced Updates

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I had the same problem for a very long time and found this very disappointing. I had the same feeling a few minutes ago too when I wanted to launch my game and realized that I can probably forget about playing for this afternoon because of the compulsory update of several GB's. However, I am at bit more glad now seeing that now the update is much faster and not so big, at least some improvement finally.

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Re: Forced Updates

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Thank you,

Sometimes in the past I had this issue, not this time. But now it was with different games. I downloaded 4 games. And each had forced updates at the time I was going to play them. Why do I download them play for one or 2 days and the next days I got on all this games one or two forced updates. It is annoying, when you have time to play and have to wait for 1h or more.

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Re: Forced Updates

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@dawnstar1133 yes I noticed it too. They are faster but still 1h and more
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Betreff: Forced Updates

★★★★ Novice
@Somaru thank you
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