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Focused Feedback - Fortress

by PartWeIsh

Original Post

Focused Feedback - Fortress

Afternoon folks - 
Last week through Tides of War, you all got to spend time with Fortress mode. Today we thought we'd introduce you to Ludvig - @nattskfit who designed the mode, as there's feedback we'd love to get from you all about your experience with Fortress.
Ludvig's a veteran at DICE, and those who are familiar with his work will know that he's a big fan of sticking Bridges in levels. He also has a fairly unrivaled keyboard collection at the Studio, and likes Cats. Because Cats are great. // Freeman

I'm Ludvig, I designed Fortress! We've gotten tons of feedback about the stuff that you liked and disliked when you played last week, but now that its enjoyed its time in the rotation, what do you think about it?
I'd love to use this opportunity to gather some focused feedback, so that I can bring it up as reference with the rest of the team going forward.
Here's some questions to get you started (but feel free to tell me absolutely anything that you like about Fortress):
* Fortress was built around delivering a fantasy. Do you feel like it worked? What did it feel like for you?
* Was there something in Fortress you'd like to see more of? If so what and why?
* Was there something about the two layouts you didn't like?
Thanks everyone for playing Fortress!

Freeman // PartWelsh

Battlefield Community Manager - Twitter

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Re: Focused Feedback - Fortress


Fortress was not mode for me.. Bombers on small map is not a good thing for infantry players.

Another thing is that on Hamada when round started attacking team was killed instantly on spawn...

Grind was better, my opinion. Standard smile
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Re: Focused Feedback - Fortress

★ Pro

Overall I enjoyed Fortress much, much more than Grind for the simple fact you actually had room to move around, think, breathe, and flank. This mode actually felt like a seige and was almost always fun to play, depending on your team's skill level.


Devastation was the most balanced of the two maps and I was able to win as both defender and attacker. Hamada definitely favoured the defenders more and it proved quite difficult to win as an attacker most of the time (definitely still possible though).


You should be able to sneak into the library from as far back as you can go on the right side of the map as an attacker - this should balance the map a little better.


Obviously the planes need to be removed from Hamada, that was just an awful idea. The stationary MMG's next to B flag are severely OP and I've easily gone 150-0 (in total) using them as a defender.

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Re: Focused Feedback - Fortress

[ Edited ]
★★★★ Novice

- Add 50 more tickets so I have time to get the last 2-3 headshots in an objective area for the last ZH-29 assignment.
- On Hamada, give attackers the chance to reach safety aka don't spawn them in a field with no cover and 32 players shooting at them from cover (either move defender spawn back or the attackers spawn forward).
- Since the map is sooo tiny, maybe limit players smokes? only 1 smoke every 30 seconds? Visibility for headshots was so low!
- Maybe next iteration structure it like frontlines, 2-3 linear objectives, with a heavily fortified base at each end that either team must attack and capture to win!
( so far my dream of having players actually ptfo in an obj area was not met since most enemies were outside the obj area...)

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Re: Focused Feedback - Fortress

★★★★★ Novice

In general I am not a fan of Fortress, unlike Grind. Hamada and Devastation offered hardly any ways to flank, since both sides ended up directly at the entrances of the capture points.

I do think that the mode can learn from the Grind game mode: add more flanking paths that end up behind or at an angle to the capture point, like in Grind, and let the attackers use more tickets than what we had now.


Take a look at Cape Helles, for example (BF1). There were plenty of ways to flank on that map and it reminded me a lot of Fortress, and vice versa, especially Hamada!


The fortification system was on point, on both maps.


Another point of feedback: don't let the defending players directly spawn on the capture points, but make it like conquest (roughly like the attackers had).

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Re: Focused Feedback - Fortress

★★★★ Guide

enjoyed fortress.. but ticket count should be more for attacking sides,like breakthrough.. great for different weapons count increase for dog tags,achievements and costomising.. shame about only 2 maps but understand it was for a short time,but bordom hits in after 3/4 rounds but that does depend on squad (i know thats out of your control).. but overall played it for the week,enjoyed it, but not a go to mode if permanent .

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Re: Focused Feedback - Fortress

★ Apprentice

Had a blast on both maps on both sides. Tactical sniping was very rewarding. In fact I had my best gaming experience in this game mode because there were usable tactics and gameplay was more predictable, skill/strategy based than pure chaos.


Would have played this mode more along with Rush which had a similar play style.

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Re: Focused Feedback - Fortress

Fortress is great overall. Some considerations:


1. Add some more reinforcements to attackers. Hamada should have 50 more attackers, Devastation should have 25 more. I'm sure that if you look at the win/loss ratio overall, defenders win more than attackers.


2. More maps with Fortress mode. D-Day at Omaha beach would be nice... or Castle Itter where the German Wehrmacht fought alongside US forces against the German SS... or a crazy Wolf's Lair / Eagle's Nest map, or taking a bunch of hills on Iwo Jima.


My 2 cents.


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