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Fix your landing

by Mambalit

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Fix your landing

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fix your landing system, I'll fall before Lifeline and she'll land me and I'll fly like a ball out of Sparkys. I want it fixed and the plus on Overlook is the bug that when landing it will fly 70% through and fall down and die. Greetings to David from Respawn.

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Re: Fix your landing

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@Mambalit That bug was around since season 0 so I wouldn't expect that to be fixed anytime soon. That bug probably was in the game longer than the audio bug.
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Re: Fix your landing

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@MambalitAre you referring to landing on the edge of any surface and then it sends you sliding downhill? Well, land properly next time.



Also, the part where the game sends you flying because you collide with someone landing with you, it's annoying AF. Agreed on that one.

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