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First Week Impressions

by pastaclown

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Re: First Week Impressions

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@pastaclown I found it easy to read, but that might’ve been because I know how you write your stuff xD. I just write from my perspective instead of generalizing tho 😜

Yea, but do you know where they said it? Was it in dev stream cause I wanted to place the link. I’m actually amazed nobody asked for sources where they said that like they usually do with controversial lines xD.

Hopefully they’ll buff her sooner rather than later...
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Re: First Week Impressions

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Yep, you're right about that. 


In burst mode you have full control of the weapon, you sacrifice auto fire for and incredibly steady aim with a high damage output. 


I like your comment about the Wingman / Mastiff and I have never really thought of that play style. I'm not very good with the Wingman so maybe that is why I don't use it. 


My opinion on the care package is that the loot that gets put inside of it takes it away from being on the floor. Each season there is a weapon that goes in there that is someones favourite gun. 


Here are my ideas... 


Idea 1: 

Make 'care package only' weapons, so introduce a new SMG, LMG, AR and Shotgun into the game (maybe not that many but you get my point) and have these guns as the CP weapons that NEVER will come out. That way the PK can come back to floor loot and so can the Prowler. 


Idea 2: 

Keep the current process but make it so that the guns in the CP can still be found on the floor. What I mean by this is that if the CP weapons are, Prowler, PK and Kraber. Then allow the Prowler and PK to come out to floor loot but have different versions of it inside of the CP but just buff them to be a much better version. That way the floor loot isn't so limited and we still get to play with every gun. 


I think having the R-99 in the CP was great personally, I rarely every used it but when it did it was such a shredder. It had nearly no recoil and was so good for the end game or the build up towards the end game. I also think that the PK has been in there way too long and think it is time for it to come out but again because I can't think of any other weapons that should go in there... I think its time we have a new addition to the game. 

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Re: First Week Impressions

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Another thing I hate about this new map because it's so terribly designed is how there are holes in the floor everywhere... the amount of times I have died from falling off the map is insane.

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Re: First Week Impressions

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I was doing well first few days. Was getting a few more wins and kills than I normally do but the past few days it's back to normal again and getting destroyed most games lol

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Re: First Week Impressions

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@Koochi-Q I'm trying to find it but I can't seem to, a developer said it on Reddit and I've been scrolling through dev responses for like 10-20 minutes now and can't find it. 


But basically the point was, "Hey we'd rather release Legends underpowered upon release, being careful with what they do and the numbers behind it, because we don't want to release someone that's massively over-powered on launch, then rush to nerf it, miss the mark and over-nerf, and then struggle to get them back up to a healthy spot."


Which makes sense to me. The problem is that their slow development leaves people in the dirt for a pretty long while, and even when they do buff someone (like Loba) they might take it back because it's too strong. (Like Loba's recent buff.) 


@hayhor budget Caustic cosplay hammer list, fun for the whole family for a whopping 30ish dollars!

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Re: First Week Impressions

@pastaclown Very nice. I can see the whole assembly now 🤣
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Re: First Week Impressions

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Give Credit When it's Due :

1. MAP is awesome

2. Trident is excellent, succesfully transportation with no hiccup, no stuck, no jam, no murder, no suicide, that is impressive.


Disaster to avoid:

1. Battle Pass.


Lesson learn: 

1. Stop changing what has been working flawelessly every season, work on something else. 

    We sick of this emergency meeting  & fire-drill every season.



In summary:

Season-7 is the greatest season in 2020 IF they keep the BP as before, but they ruin it.

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Re: First Week Impressions

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@pastaclown Yea exactly so luckily I wasn’t going crazy. As long as I didn’t dream it up I’m satisfied. I do get that they want to have a lower equipped legend and buff ‘em but it’s as you said. They take too long and the character loses its fervor in ppl.

Ohhh well as of now I like her even as she is. If they make her better, well yawdee!
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