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First Week Impressions

by pastaclown

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Re: First Week Impressions

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@DarthValtrex You misunderstand, posts about there being a lack of weapon usage variety due to R99 being back in the loot pool are valid complaints. Even the developer agrees that R99 caused a lack of variety in weapon usage, and simply put R99 in pool again for this season to see how it stacked up usage wise vs. the Volt. Some drastic changes are necessary for the R99 to not only remain in the loot pool, but also for every other weapon to remain competitive against it. 


What I was referring to, were all the past season frequent "R99 is OP plz nerf got lasered from 10000 meters away its too strong" posts made by Novice level forum users who conveniently forget that if it's really that OP, then they should also be able to do the killing and lasering. 


@OldAndKnackered They put the Prowler in the care package for this season, and it really is pretty stupid that your weekly objective is basically "Pray to RNGeesus for a Prowler AND the ability to survive to loot a CP without hiding in a corner." As for the ulti, it's really really blinding for both parties. I typically just tend to use it as a zoning tool since I can't hit anything inside of it, my eyes are old and don't function as well as they should. Oh well, I'll live. 


@Koochi-Q I should probably change the criteria from "Good / Bad" to "Like / Dislike" so I come off less of, "I'm a stuck up fart hurr durr" to "Here's what I liked / dislike!". Thanks Kooch, and I read your thoughts on Horizon. They might buff her later, I think the character designer said they're more willing to release Legends underpowered rather than over, but they've got a tendency to really let characters stagnate AND on the occasion they buff stuff it's usually way too much. 


@hayhor glad to hear it! Any updates on your cosplay hammer? 


@MassiveVernon Yup, like I said, great game, new season is just more of the same. 


@rockyboy1998 I know I put "third party heaven" in the "good", and then complained about third partying in the "bad", and honestly it's a double-edged sword for me. It's really genuinely fun when you've got enough stuff / not quite enough stuff and fight off multiple squads to be the victor. It's also pretty much just annoying when you've got literally nothing, kill off one squad, and now you've got to fight another wearing white armor and 2 shield cells vs. purple armored enemies who've looted 3 areas with no resistance. Hopefully audio gets fixed soon, but we've been waaaaaaaiting. I've actually run into 4 cheaters so far in PUBs, reported them and moved on with my day, no real loss there. 

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Re: First Week Impressions

@pastaclown Well I think it might be balancing out slightly in the medium skill lobbies. We shall see if the appeal of the 99 stays, it being back has that shiny new toy appeal, which could fade if other guns are competitive with it.

I have done alright with the volt vs 99, the Wingman it depends on the range. If the player is on top of me I stand no chance. But if there is a bit of range and they miss at least some bullets I can typically compete.
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Re: First Week Impressions

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they should add volt in CP instead of prowler.

because prowler is burst gun and volt like r99 is track based gun.


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Re: First Week Impressions


@pastaclown  Nothings changed for me really.



My only really gripe with apex pre S7 was the audio....and that's still a goddamn mess so yeah.



I like the map, especially now I've adjusted to the ease of rotation and identified the areas  that are gonna be a crapshoot.


Weapon balance is fine, r99 is just the same beast as before, but its varied the smg meta up slightly so I don't mind.


Horizon, no real complaints other than the lack of real pressure the Ult creates, would like to see an increased pull with a reduced total hp of newt as a fair compromise.




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Re: First Week Impressions

@pastaclown Nah no updates. Still working on the kids this is a great xmas present for dad angle 🤣
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Re: First Week Impressions

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R99 requires no skill to use just like majority of the weapons in the game they keep adding these dumb CQC weapons that favor rushing and pushing other teams which I would be fine with if they buffed defensive classes like Wattson and Caustic more.


Map is terrible, it's too big you end up spending most of the time looking for other teams


Get wipedout by predator squads in low ranked games for some stupid reason


The vehicle is too loud it's actually terrible to use it I think, the shooting from the sides of it doesn't work well in this game because of the design of the projectiles, they should just add a turret to the vehicle and make it interesting.

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Re: First Week Impressions

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@pastaclown Pretty decent summary haha.
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Re: First Week Impressions

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@Boa767 Hmm, I wouldn't say that the R99 requires no skill. It's a high recoil weapon and it rate of fire is so fast that you have to pretty pretty accurate and hit most of your shots because before you know it the gun has an empty mag.

Personally, it doesn't work for me

Map is actually just a little larger than KC and smaller than WE, there's always teams if you drop in the right places especially in ranked play.

I haven't seen many predators recently but it seems like they are all grinding through ranked now.

The vehicle needs to be loud, its there as a transportation around the map (notice the lack of jump towers) it doesn't serve purpose as a killing machine or a sneaking machine and it is actually quite hard to hit players on them when it is moving. It enables you to get a good position and a 100% safety from a moving ring.
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Re: First Week Impressions

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@Maxray_Blank The prowler for me is the best gun in the entire game, I thought the it would have been the CP weapon in S6 rather than the R-99.

The ability to have a burst fire weapon as an SMG is just nuts, the gun literally has no recoil in burst mode and you get about 5-6 pulls f the trigger before you need to reload.

I know this might seem mental but SMG tier list for me is...

I was speaking on a separate post the other day about how all of the CP guns apart from the Kraber should come out and instead they should add in 2-3 new weapons to the game that will always stay in the CP and never come out. Make these new weapons significantly better than the guns you find on the floor.
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Re: First Week Impressions

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@rockyboy1998y right burst prowler is best smg (not auto) because u can juggle peek.
make big output dmg with less take income dmg is rlly big deal.

but I still prefer wingman/mastiff because it's eco gun and I can take more grenade Tongue out
y great idea but I think every type of gun already in apex.
do u hav any idea for CP gun ?

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