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Firestorm Player “Resurrection”

by Tanindar

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Firestorm Player “Resurrection”

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I’m not sure how original of an idea this is, but so far I haven’t heard any other people talking about it. What I am suggesting will add a new mechanic into Battlefield 5’s new Battle Royale, Firestorm. Currently when a player on your team dies, they are permanently dead and cannot continue to play in that match and there inventory spews out everywhere and is an absolute pain to sort through. So what if when a player is eliminated, there contents are dropped in the form of a military footlocker woth their dogtag lying on top. Your teammates will be able to collect your dogtag and return it to a com station where you can call in a reinforcement and your teammate will come back in the form of this new reinforcement. These com stations would be scattered around the map and players would be able to use them as they wish.

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Re: Firestorm Player “Resurrection”

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lol bro you've basically ripped off Apex Legends.
They could possibly include a 'Redeploy' flare just like the Vehicle Drops, V1 Rocket or Supply Drop. Make it extremely rare and very rewarding to loyal squad members who stick around.
It is a good idea though.

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