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Feedback on things that needs to be changed/fixed

by Duckforceone

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Feedback on things that needs to be changed/fixed

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So having played the earlier versions and now the headstart, i have several things that needs to be fixed ASAP.


1. The transporting to players needs to go or be optional. Seriously it kills all exploring and enjoying the scenery. It also causes unneccessary loading. Even when you are almost there you still get loaded. It is a BAD mechanic, that just ruins more than it solves. 


2. Also the transporting to players, is overlaying the heat bar. So you can't see if you are overheating trying to get back to the area. 


3. You really need to make it easier to join friends playing. There needs to be a phasing out of non friends, and a way for friends to just drop in. because with match making, teams are almost always full so they can't just drop in. Especially since things like free play, can't be played as private.


4. A few things that many have said too. Load times needs to be improved. Ping on map seriously needs to be in.


5. Freeze on colossus, can basically cause you to be frozen for a long long time. Even when out of it, it seems you are still frozen at times.


6. Firewall mortar, seems to not stick for more than a few seconds some of the time.


7. As a colossus, when fighting ash titans, it feels like you are just standing at extreme range, pinging away at it, trying to survive it, it's homing flames (that you cannot dodge) and the small things that hunt you down too. if you don't have your shield out most of the time, you get nuked so fast. And with no normal shield, you get instant applied with flame debuffs if you lower your shield (where you can't do damage if you have it up) 

This makes for a very very un fun fight every time you meet an ash titan. It becomes more, stand at extreme range, have shield up, eat homing fireball, try and move away from the spawning in fireball, then have shield up for the running elementals, and hope the ash titan doesn't focus you at all. Also some reloads seems to block the shield coming out, leaving you very vulnerable at times. The only real dodge you have as a colossus, is flying.. and yeah, everything about the ash titan overheats you so you can't fly, ergo can't dodge.


8. the codex, J needs to be accessible from forge and launch expedition too.


9. when in game and fighting, ONE press of ESC should put you back into the game from whatever menu you are in. If you press the wrong button during combat, you can be SO LOST.


10. Seriously, that loading to player, needs to go. it's the biggest annoyance in the entire game.


11. When a mission ends and you just killed a big boss that drops loot, there needs to be a lot more than 2 seconds to rush over and get loot. Why not just give a 30 second to loot, wave goodbye and stuff.


12. Sorting of weapons by type. Not just showing all snipers... no have them listed all snipers, all marksman etc etc... so it's easier to see duplicates instead of having to do many clicks to sort one sub category... then do the same to get to the next one... 


13. when shield slamming random crafting nodes, it destroys the shield and leaves you staggered for a short while. Should not do that.


14. There needs to be a way to go back and change latest conversation. Like, i have changed my mind, you should do this instead.


15. The store needs more things to look at at a time. This is wayyyy too limiting.


16. Can we have better lighting in the paint menu... it seems that the colours we see there tend to be seen a bit darker than when outside of the forge...


17. We need a content specific ping menu, so we can tell people to get here, stand here, this colour, see this etc etc.


18. Many of the crafting nodes are spottable at a distance. But the big flat one with the seed holes, looks the same no matter if it have crafting or not. except for the glimmer that you can only see when you are very near. It needs to be removed when not harvestable.


well that's it for now.. more to come i think...


love the game, but some things really really need to be fixed.

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Re: Feedback on things that needs to be changed/fixed

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I totally agree with all you said there is so many things that need to be addressed in this game, I fin myself stuck with players already in an area i cant get into and then were ridiculously killed fast can't tell what lvl the enemy is or what lvl the mission will be. no way to talk to people out side of missions no chat just voice.  This game has potential, but lacks coordination on getting a group together at same time. I'm stuck with the first stronghold and every group I'm with are at different  difficulties, and I was told that its best to go at it hard so that way you get more experience and coins and such so when reaching lvl 30 you''ll be able to go to next difficulty. You know this is Bioware. they should no from experience From doing Star wars Old Republic rpg game it should have some what same schematic in doing Multiplayer games. So I say Bioware get it together and get thingsd right I can't move on hardly without a nor can I star over. Yea that right no start over menu no that I see hos some things run like to start over fresh but can't cause EA has all the damn save filse that make you start over. This is Sad.


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