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Re: Feedback and ideas

by 2Weak2Live

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Feedback and ideas

★★★★ Novice

A more detailed character screen whit all the information (damage, defense, modifiers, all in numbers) text chat for PC and maybe some icons so new (and even veteran) players can know which gear is impact and which one are blast, and please check the TTK for masterwork difficulty it's jus absurd the speed we can die and there's no fun in that, check on how the division manage it and also but no less important please add Dualshock 4 prompts.


I hope you really read the feedback, whish you the best.

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Re: Feedback and ideas

★★ Newbie

Please also add a death marker for free play. On  countless occasions I have died whilst nearly completing a world quest and had no idea where I had been.

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Re: Feedback and ideas

★★★★ Guide

Or at least let me look at the map while down.  Seriously, the entire HUD turned off?  I can't even get to the menu.

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