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Feedback and Discussion - Game Update 1.0.4.

by EA_Alexander

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Re: Feedback and Discussion - Game Update 1.0.4.

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Is there a possibility to add the salvage all button at the end screen of expedition. I would love to see this feature in the next update. Continue the big work and make “Anthem great... again”

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Re: Feedback and Discussion - Game Update 1.0.4.

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I like the Elysian chests.  It’s a cool daily gameplay loop where you get something unique. .... that is when you get something besides materials.  Materials are far from unique.  Also,  I’ve experienced a repeat bug where the award screen at the end of the stronghold locks up and you don’t see what you received from the Elysian chest.  With the chance of getting materials, I have no idea if I got something or if it bugged out.


One request, please please please QA test the heck out of whatever you have planned for the cataclysm event.  If it’s not working, delay it!  That event has been hyped quite a bit, and if it falls flat, oh man.  

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Re: Feedback and Discussion - Game Update 1.0.4.

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Still needs to be fixed some drops fall thru the world and can't be picked up.

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Re: Feedback and Discussion - Game Update 1.0.4.

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@Terad88 wrote:


Killing a Stronghold boss seems very unrewarding for the work put in at GM1 and above. Stronghold bosses at GM1 and above should have a guaranteed Legendary drop to make it feel rewarding. Getting 1 MW that I already have at GM1 is not progress, but a badly designed loop. I would actually prefer to get 1 useful MW for a javelin I am not using, than a MW I am just going to end up salvaging. 


I dunno, I went from almost no MWs last week to having MW Ranger and Colossus, and being almost there with the Storm as well (just need a few more components). Got a few MW components for the Interceptor, too. Plus I seem to be getting at least one Legendary a day (which is ironic because I don’t actually want them). Yesterday I got one from the first chest on the first GM1 TM I ran. Granted, that was after three pilot data errors in a row, but still.


And I dunno, with a MW loadout you can pretty much farm GM2 and could probably solo GM1. It can still be somewhat of a drag with a bad team. I had one GM2 run that took almost an hour where one Colossus kept repeatedly trying to melee the Swarm Tyrant and getting insta-downed (and getting other people downed trying to revive them). But overall, when people know what they’re doing, most GM2 runs tend to go pretty smooth in my experience. Having guaranteed Legendaries in GM1 would be kinda ridiculous. (I personally feel that at the power level they’re at right now, they’re kinda ridiculous anyway, but that I guess that’s just me).


And yea, I’m also in the camp of “I’d rather get MWs I don’t have for other javelins than the copies of the ones I already do have.” Unfortunately, a ton of people have the exact opposite stance – they want only items that are potential upgrades for their builds, and consider anything else to be waste of time that annoys them enough to consider quitting the game. Different people want different things, and sometimes there is no happy medium.


No idea about the Colossus mortar flame... I mean, it is bright, but... it’s flame, it’s kinda supposed to be bright. If it was less bright it would look kinda weird.

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Re: Feedback and Discussion - Game Update 1.0.4.

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I am also not seeing anything on the news feed I am playing on an Xbox 1
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Re: Feedback and Discussion - Game Update 1.0.4.

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Since my last post several days ago, I have played at least an additional 10 hours and I have only gotten 1 legendary item for a storm javelin which I am not currently playing.

i have had to down grade my build and play on gm2 and I still get mostly epic and rare items. And if I am lucky 1 master work item.

There seems to be a big disregard by the developers for how the hard the game is at gm2 and the rewards we get.

I tried all of the YouTube recommended ways to get legendary equipment to drop and they just don’t.

I can not play on gm3 with the level of equipment I have and also have a high luck level.

luck should not even be part of this type of game.

If you play the heart of rage on gm2 and only get rares and epics as a reward and you already have all the weapons that drop then what is the point of playing on such hard level. With the state of the computing power available the game should know what equipment I have and give me better or new weapons I do not have. 


if all of the players on this post stop playing the game then where will the game be. 

As a comparison when I started playing Destiny when it was released as a complete bundle and when I was in the open world of that game there were many more players,  in the open world. 

The last 3 world events I did on GM 1 and GM 2 either I was the only person playing the event or there was only one other player .

 When I first started playing the free play part of the game there were soo many other players I could not even get a shot off to kill a scar.

now it is me against over 30 combatants with under powered weapons because I am trying to get legendaries to drop.

I will give this game until the next update for it to improve.

but if it does not 

I will most likely buy a new game.

it is sad that all the prerelease haters are turning out to be right about how poorly developed this game was and that it was not really ready for release.

I sincerely hope the developers are reading these posts and fix these complaints.


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Re: Feedback and Discussion - Game Update 1.0.4.

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It looks like the RNG Seed is the same for legendary and what the javelin it belongs to. which is causing the same sides of the dice being hit even though they should be completely separate rolls .

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Re: Feedback and Discussion - Game Update 1.0.4.

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I am at lvl 10 and have found it just about impossible for me to finish ANY missions with no help, your  matchmaking still sucks

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Re: Feedback and Discussion - Game Update 1.0.4.

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I play every chance ii get and since the last update i havnt had any legendaries from any mission, untill yesterday. I went on freeplay and did 3 events and got 3 legendaries, 1 from each event. Happy that i got legendaries but not how i got them. Much like everyone else i would like to see "GUARANTEED" legendaries drop from stronghold bosses, (a high chance of legendary on GM1, 1 GUARENTEED  legendary with a chance of a second on GM2, and 2 GUARENTEED  Legendaries on GM3). These drops only apply to "boss drops" not chests, this is because you run a stronghold, you fight your way to first open it, then fight to second chest, open it the you end expedition, rinse and repeat. Why bother spending an hour doing a stronghold all the way to the end boss when the best chances of getting legendary items can be done in say 20 mins-half hour. I played freeplay yesterday, completed 3 events and got 3 legendaries, took me bout half hour to do them solo. Y bother wasting time in strongholds. Ive played anthem since release day and almost every legendary i ever found (say 8-9 out of 10) came from freeplay events, freeplay events on GM1 with very little or no "luck " inscriptions, that i hate. The last time i saw devss play on mixer, one of the guys said "stack luck, just stack luck, thats the way to go" (or words to that extent), SO I DID. I equipped my javelin with as much luck as i couldd get, i managed (at that time) to get a total of +238% luck, i run strongholds, events, contracts. You name it, i run itt with 238% increased luck and got a sh*t load of purple gear and an even bigger amount of Masterwork, THE EMBERS NOT THE EQUIPPABLE ITEMS they were dropping in twos and threes and so were epic embers, all the materials youllever need, but nothing else. Disgusted with it, you play games for fun a sence achieve and accomplishment, rewarded for you valiant efforts, but with anthems loot system you only get insult after insult after insult... Or as people say, "purple after purple after purple", what sort of reward is that, even stronghold bosses on GM2+ drop 1 yes 1 masterwork "guarenteed" WHY!!!! If you can survive to the end of GM2 strongholds, a masterworkisnt going to be any good to ya unless 1st) its one you use with your javelins build and 2nd) more importantlyit has much better inscriptions than the one your currently using. There are so many builds for each javellin, there are also a large amount of inscriptions that are applied randomly, these inscriptions have a very high range (minimum-maximum value) these are alse randomly generated. All these variables add up to the fact that even if you get a legendary, theres almost a guarenteed chance that equipping it will increase your power level but will lose a huge portion of your javelins offensive power. Unless lady luck is on your side and you get an awesome roll with almost max values. Just because you get a legendary dont automatically mean A) your going to use it  B) the inscriptions are going to be worth the increase in power level (and the increased difficulkty of enemies). Also i would like too add the "UNIVERSAL COMPONENTS" armour and shield be changed to reflect the armour and shield bonuses of the javelin they are equipped to andd the universal component "increase armour by a large amount" bee increased to give extra armour equal to the amount of shield lost. Currentlyy on my ranger im using "SYMBIOTIC SURGE" which is supposedd to increase javelin armourr by a large anount but it definitelyy does nothing off thee sort. Rangers MASTERWORK specific components grant 2165 armour and shield (or there abouts) the "symbioticc surge" grants 2269 armour (give or take say points) and 360+ shield. How come you have to sacrifice 1800+ shield to benefir from an extra 100 armour??? Doesnt make sense but what does make sense is losing 1800+ shield to gain 1800+ armour. Ive also noticed that losing that amount of shield has ann impact on how much life (the green bar not the blue bar) i lose when i get hit after my shield has been depleted, why is that? As i understand the green bar representss the javelins armour and the blue is shield, or am i missing somthing?.   PS Thankyou for buffing the interceptors melee to combo everything, im finding it almost impossible get combos if theres an interceptor in group, hows a ranger ult build supposedd to benefit from his ult charge perks and gain the extra ult charge from combos if the interceptor ic detonating everything??. And a great big super huge thankyou for nerfin the rangers last argument, thankyou very much,, almost a complete waste of a build now. The purposee of that grenade is to overcharge the ult so you can fire it a lot more often, now your groupp can almostt completely destroy every enemy before you manage to charge your ult 2 times, using this grenade, its almost thee same as using rangerss more powerful abilities to charge ult a not to bother withh the last argument because its low damaga andd requiress a primer in your most powerful ability slots and that just happens to be the least damaging ability in the rangers entire arsenal. These 2 abilities (venom darts, last argument) do little damage to enemies on higher tiers compared to "all other abilities" but they provide the teamrwith 1 of the best abilities in the game, the ability to hit for moderate damage to multiple enemies regardless of where they are,, as long as the ranger has them in his sights he will hit em. Even at higher difficulty this ult doesnt do masses ogf damage to enemies, even when targetted at a single enemy on GM2+therss no guarentee your going to kill it, unless its cannon fodder or a very luckyy stream of weapoint hits. I would like to see this perk changed backk too what it was, and i also think the "10-hit grants 3 ult charge" dont work. What constitues a "10-streak"???. Hittingg the same enemy 10x, hitting 10 different enemies, hitting ann enemy with diffent abilitiess 10x???. I dont understand how it works. Too me a hit is anythin i do that hurts the enemyy whether its abilities melee or weapons. Emptying a full mag of artinias gambit (100 rounds i nto a singlee enemy should count as 10-hits(+3 ult charge) x 10= 30 ult charge, my ult meter should go up in increments of 3 every 10 bullts that hit right.. Well it dont, with a full mag without missing a single shot the ult bar charges in increments of 3, only 2-3 times.. Check and see for yourself.

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Re: Feedback and Discussion - Game Update 1.0.4.

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I have been playing quite a bit since patch 1.04 and have gather enormous amounts of components including several duplicates of components not for the javelin I play. I however have yet to see a single blood list component drop. Not a single one has so far. I have gotten 20+ of all of the other new components though.

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