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Feedback and Discussion - Game Update 1.0.4.

by EA_Alexander

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Re: Feedback and Discussion - Game Update 1.0.4.

★★ Apprentice

Since the last patch I have appreciated the speed with which can get into the forge.

replaying critical missions on a higher difficulty is fun but seems to disrupt the completed story line.

for instance Owen is the cypher again.

using the codex button takes several pushes to open and sometimes closes immediately.

load screens between end of mission and transition to the fort take a long time.

i get more experience points for doing regular missions than for strongholds!

i should get more experince points for playing free play than a mission where I play with others.


there does not seem to be any point what so ever to the crafting system. 

It would be much better to be able to buy better weapons or add mods to my weapons like different ammo than the present crafting system.

when will there be more story line

there should be more dialogue while in fort tarsus 

Even though I consider myself a average casual player, I have the same frustration with the loot drops being the same or lower than everything I already have.


i am waiting patiently for the next part of the story.


this game seems very unfinished

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Re: Feedback and Discussion - Game Update 1.0.4.

★★ Apprentice

If you press and hold the b button it skips the experience point screens but the goes to loot screen and gives you credit for the mission.

It still should not end up with an endless buffing wheel however

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Re: Feedback and Discussion - Game Update 1.0.4.

★ Guide

Since the patch I can’t see the news screen at all when I start the game. The frames for the articles are there there’s just nothing there. This is on PS4. Also not getting anything but crafting materials and embers from the elysium chests.

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Re: Feedback and Discussion - Game Update 1.0.4.

★★★ Newbie

Update is crap. Playing in gm2 and receiving blue after blue from chests and bosses with 88% luck. Not to mention now having more connection issues than before the update. Haven't seen a legendary since before and if I get a masterwork it's for every other class than the interceptor I'm maining. I love the game but not playing til it's worth it.

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Re: Feedback and Discussion - Game Update 1.0.4.

★★ Apprentice

After reading half of these posts I play the game for a few hours.

todays daily challenges required a lot of things to get so I played on normal.

during those play throughs, I would get MW from every other world event but when I increased the difficulty to GM 2 all I received for the 30 minutes it took to clear the  event was a bunch of epics and rares.

so I went back to normal for the last world event and got 2 more MW items.

I have yet to get any legendaries during any of my play throughs.


there still is no weapons to craft that I do not, despite collecting a whole bunch of materials as part of the daily challenges.


if I were developers are reading these posts, I would fix these loot drops and only give MW and legendaries to GM2 play through and only legendaries on GM 3.


If you want us to use the crafting at least give us blue prints for the legendary items and make the material hard find like when we had to make the dawn shield during the story missions.


this game could be great but right now it is just frustrating. 


I play video games to relax I am considered a casual player. 

So making it take forever to get through hard levels makes it so I do not actually have the time to play those levels.

make it challenging but not impossible for us non professional players.



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Re: Feedback and Discussion - Game Update 1.0.4.

★★ Apprentice

There actually is a check list it is behind though when you check in with alliance sharing desk.

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Re: Feedback and Discussion - Game Update 1.0.4.

★★★★★ Apprentice

You put -20% on that flight time

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Re: Feedback and Discussion - Game Update 1.0.4.

★★ Apprentice

I agree,  

The biggest mistake EA made with this  game was making an all on line game.

i bought the game because the prelaunch advertising over the past 2 years was that it was suppose to be better than the Mass Effect series.

since I bought the Mass effect series, I have played it  from start to finish 6 times with each play through being a different experience due to the all the choices in the game. I even bought all the dlc’s for each game. I even bought Mass Effect Andremeda and have played that through twice, again with each play through being a little different. MSA took me at least 3 months to finish. I was disappointed there was never and dlc’s for that game.


For me as a casual player to be basically done with the anthem story line  completely in less than a month is sad.

each Mass Effect game took me at least 2 months to finish playing 1-2 hours a night.

since Anthem is very similar to Destiny and the division; I may not play this over and because I only played destiny once got bored and have not replayed it nor have I replayed the division.

i buy games for their stories and to like the characters not to have to shoot everything that moves.

Develop more storyline.

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Re: Feedback and Discussion - Game Update 1.0.4.

[ Edited ]
★★ Apprentice

First the positive:


Great improvement on the javelin damage... I'm impressed with that seeing as it is quite substantial. Great job!


The bad:


Still not getting legendary anything just masterworks from strongholds.


These Elysian Caches are a joke right? Crafting materials? seriously? not to mention I've rarely been running into anyone that has a key so I'm only getting one per day on limited time content...great idea! A pointless event as far as I'm concerned. At this rate, most people will only be able to get a portion of the event items so I'm not even bothering anymore. This was just poor implementation. Not to mention the fact that they oversaturated the already large loot table with crafting materials for some strange reason. Crafting materials have no business being in the loot table for a vanity chest! The only way I can see it even being possible to obtain all the items for the event is if you search around every day for players that have keys. This isn't a raid, I shouldn't have to spend my time out of game to get a group together just to collect vanity items. Lousy implementation! 


Despite how the community feels about EA, we set that aside and gave Bioware and Anthem a chance to succeed. The launch was horrible but we stuck it out. The game is in a very unfinished state but we've endured it. Patch after patch and our core concerns really haven't been fixed. Now Elysian caches... well as I already said they are a joke.


The community is starting to lose faith including the fanboys like myself. We've stuck by the game because we see it's great potential but I'm really starting to question whether the dev team is actually up to it.

I gave up on Bungie making stupid decisions and wasting players time... seems like you're going to be doing the same crap. Things really need to shape up! I'm already on my way to forgetting you Anthem get it together!

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Re: Feedback and Discussion - Game Update 1.0.4.

★★★★★ Apprentice

I had this problem 2. Only when im doing a stronghold and earn elysium...

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