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[Feedback] Multi-Year Lineup

by Mylakersteam12

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[Feedback] Multi-Year Lineup

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hello. So my issue is that i had my own lineup in nba live mobile and i could use it in season mode. But all of a sudden, i can only use street, lockdown, an orange target lineup and a peacock feather lineup. How do i change these lineups to my own? How can i use my own team>


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Re: Nba

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Your "own line-up" is the multi-year line-up which is used for the Multi-year Campaign. For this Season's Events, Campaigns, Seasons and League Tournaments matches you have to play using one of the other three, which you are tasked to grow and make them your "own", too. Note that some matches require a specific line-up (e.g. Events), while others let you choose among Sharpshooter, Lockdown and Street line-ups


I can understand your possible frustration about lessing the role of the Multi-Year line-up in the game (I had a 109OVR Line-up last year), but keep in mind that:


1. It's much more interesting to re-build your team than playing with the same players over and over again

2. It's much fairer for new players who are also tasked to build their line-ups from scratch anyway!

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