Feedback Friday - Volume 4

by Straatford87

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Feedback Friday - Volume 4


Hi all,


We're excited for another edition of Feedback Friday!

Thanks again to everyone that has participated in last week's edition by sharing your thoughts and suggestions regarding Origin - we really appreciate you reaching out to us so we can work on improving where you want us to.


New to Feedback Friday?

We want to know what's important to you in regards to Origin. We also want you to have a dedicated time and place where you know we'll be listening. So each Friday, we'll be opening this dedicated thread where you can share your thoughts and suggestions about Origin.


Anything on your mind regarding Origin? let us know! This topic will remain open until the start of next week.


Thank you,

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can we get the Friends List to the taskbar?

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could the dev team add Friends List, imho a main reason gamers' use origin, to the taskbar's task menu for origin.exe?


when you right mouse button origin when locked on the taskbar you see a pop up menu that says Tasks : Redeem Product Code as well as Sign Out or Quit Origin.  I think it would be helpful to all users if you could add Friends List (CTRL-SHFT-L) directly to that task menu listing of command shortcuts... bonus if from there i can chose to have it as a New Window or not (my desire is to have the friends list and only the friends list running all the time, every time, my pc is running -- i want the friends list without the rest... to do this now i need about five click and finds, hence the shortcut need).

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Re: Feedback Friday - Volume 4

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Well I'm very annoyed with origin, no other gaming platform, call Steam, GOG and even Uplay give so many problems to download the games or the same platform.

When it is not a problem is another, download problems, incomplete downloads, malfunctions. Codes and error codes, which are not good for anything, I do not know if they put code number, if at the end, when one turns to support the answers are generics, run as administrator, make a clean boot, clear the cache Origin, same thing over and over again. And one should expect the error to be solved only or to find the solution on our own.


And since the update to version 10, the thing has worsened, just enough to see the support forum, also I do not understand because many things are out of the application, already set up the account or the same forums, you should be integrated.

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Re: Feedback Friday - Volume 4

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Thats not really Origin but more AHQ. Please add an indicator that shows what platform pople are playing on. do many people dont tell us that and i alway habve to use my shortcut "Can you please tell me if you are on PC, XBOX or PS4?". It would make troubleshooting so much easier to know it instantly.





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Re: Feedback Friday - Volume 4

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Hi @GeneralFuria85


Do you really know which is your only problem,mate ? You need to installs a fresh copy of Windows. This ensures you have a fresh system. Any problems caused by third-party software, system file corruption, system settings changes, or malware (this is not the case now)  should be fixed by resetting your PC.

The most likely culprit is a corrupted system configuration, which should be remedied by reverting to a past configuration that wasn't problematic.


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Re: Feedback Friday - Volume 4

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Why never raise the possibility that the problem is on your side?


It is always the client's PC or a third-party program.


Why put a code number to error?


If even so can not elucidate that it provokes the failure, and one must go through the list of generic solutions hoping that one is the good.


I currently have error 32684:1, error that I did not have until a week ago. I have formatted my PC, I have followed all the solutions proposed by other users and managers, and nothing solves the fault.


By the way, I apologize if my English is not very good. It's not my native language.

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Re: Feedback Friday - Volume 4

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Ok @GeneralFuria85



Look here I think it helps in your issue.


Don't forget to let a feedback,mate.Wink

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Re: Feedback Friday - Volume 4

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I Completely agree with @GeneralFuria85!!!


I play games on all platforms o PC and Origin is the platform that gives me the most hassel and problems (even disconnecting sometimes-though that's been solved in recebnt updates). Something that also irks me is the fact that Steam and Uplay can read each other's games, but Origin is like an island on its own. I don't see why EA needs their own separate platform that is so different from Steam that it forces people to have to play EITHER Steam games OR Origin... What happened to ease of access and connectivity????

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Re: Feedback Friday - Volume 4

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Following the last recommendations, they are grateful, but unfortunately they do not solve the problem.

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Re: Feedback Friday - Volume 4

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Hi everyone!


I suggest to add a notification about Caps Lock button when you typing your password. For example, you forgot to press Caps Lock and you see a symbol which reminds you about CL. 


As far as I remember previous version had it. 




I put a little test with Caps Lock button. I pushed Caps Lock and typed my password. After that some kind of symbol appears. symbol.jpg


So this notification appears at the end of typing your password. Can you made it to appered at the beginning of typing? Also this notification may gone if you click your mouse somewhere else. Let it be constantly while your Caps Lock is switched on.

I discovered that client offers me a Battlefield 1 with discount but I already own this game. It better to show me a new catalogue for Sims 4 or Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands, for example.








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