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Feedback Friday - Volume 14


Hi all,


Welcome to another edition of Feedback Friday!

Thanks again to everyone that has participated in previous editions of Feedback Friday. We appreciate you reaching out to us so we can work on improving Origin where you want us to. 


New to Feedback Friday?

We want to know what's important to you while playing on Origin. We also want you to have a dedicated time and place where you know we'll be listening. So, each Friday, we'll be opening this dedicated thread where you can share your Origin specific thoughts and suggestions.


Anything on your mind? Let us know! This topic will remain open until the start of next week.


Thank you,

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Re: Feedback Friday - Volume 14

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yeaaaaa so origins is not compatible with windows 10

whos gonna fix this and when because i literally want to throw my PC out the window.

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Re: Feedback Friday - Volume 14

The Origin client works fine on my Windows 10 Pro x64. More details would help identifying the problem on your end. 

I do not work for EA and i am not associated with the company in any way. I am a player just like you, trying to help wherever i can.I will not answer to any unsolicited PM.

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Re: Feedback Friday - Volume 14

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how about this for your feed back Friday. The BF4 servers are constantly crashing instead of putting pointless threads and post like this on the forums why don't you all try and sort the problems out so people can enjoy online gaming like there ment to be able to do.

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Re: Feedback Friday - Volume 14

@IcemanRecon  you forget one thing here. Or two. The first one is that the boards are players supporting other players, in the limit of their knowledge. Second, to keep it civil.  I can understand the frustration, but you are taking it on the wrong people. The only thing that the Community Managers can do is to report it further. And that's about it. The decision of how urgent is to solve the matter is not in thier hands, nor in the hands of the support team.


As we are in summer, many employees and managers are probably on holiday. Which is their legal right, imagine that. Some problems can be solved with only a skeleton crew, some need an entire team. And approval from the higher-ups. Would you be okay if your boss would ask you to work on your free time? Or on your legally given holiday? Just asking rhetorically, as i am pretty sure that you will not be okay with that. Keep in mind that people are imperfect creatures. And as such, they can make mistakes, might not rise to your expectations and so on. And ask yourself if you would be okay to be treated in the same manner as you do it. 


To be honest i am more shocked about the fact that EA still keeps the BF 3/4 and Bad Company 2's servers still open. After all, the games are old. 


Thus being said, have a little patience. If there are server problems, it depends of the severity of the problems. Some things can't be solved with a server reset. Some might require a lot of work. The problem needs to be identified and then solved and both things can take an unspecified amount of time, depending on the severity of the problems. So, please, have a little patience and stay calm. Personally, i welcome such breaks. Allows me to catch-up with my backlog, and god knows that i have plenty of games to keep me occupied for a few years, games that are ignored while i am playing MP/co-op games.

I do not work for EA and i am not associated with the company in any way. I am a player just like you, trying to help wherever i can.I will not answer to any unsolicited PM.

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Re: Feedback Friday - Volume 14

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My laptop won't open the Origin app or the Sims 4 app... I tried deleting but when I attempt to reinstall the Origin app it says that the content I'm downloading could be harmful to my computer... Any advice?

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Two Origin suggestions

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Two things have been bothering me since the time I started using origin socially.


  1. My friends list shows me what my friends is currently doing, things like "Playing Mass effect Andromeda in menus". However, since my friends list contains several different nationalities I've actually had to use googe translate to figure out what my friends are doing because the info is (I presume) based on their version of the game. So my Russian friends show as "Playing Mass effect Andromeda В меню". While I can usually figure out the easier ones like French and German and have by now learned what the Russian ones means, I can't for the life of me figure out why Origin doesn't just use my language settings. Which I suggest it does.
  2. Sometimes I log in to find that a friend has continued a chat conversation after I logged off, which is as it should be. However today I got the message "What do you mean?" and simply couldn't remember what the conversation was about. I feel that showing say a days worth of backlog isn't too much to expect. Given that the timestamp mentions day and month I'm still not sure I didn't manage to miss a setting somewhere.
  3. I also just realised from looking at the "What do you mean?" timestamp that I have a third suggestion. The timestamp shows when I received the message rather than when it was sent, which is what I would've expected and suggest.

That was that. Otherwise I have to say that Origin has really shaped up compared to the last time I tried to be social on it, which was admittedly quite a long time ago. Well done.

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Re: Feedback Friday - Volume 14




I appreciate you taking the time to leave your feedback. Especially your number 1 is valuable - do you by any chance happen to have any screenshots of this happening?


I just did some testing but it only showed the name of the game in my friends language. What they were doing such as Playing was still in English. I can raise this up for you, but I want to have as much details as possible before I do so :-)


For number 2 and 3, it's something that we're aware of and looking into.


Kind regards,

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Re: Feedback Friday - Volume 14

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Tardy reply, life happens. Just to be entirely sure I understand, this isn't supposed to happen?

Was lucky enough to have this appear on my friends list yesterday.

If it wasn't clear from my first post this always happens, these three friends' status always show in these languages. Looking at other friends earlier I know the edition of ME:A isn't a factor. I unfortunately don't have any friends outside of ME:A so I can't see if it's the game causing the anomaly. On the top of the friends list I myself look exactly as TheArgh does.


I had the theory that it was connected to some windows settings I use. I have a Swedish keyboard layout and date format, English system language and Japanese locale. Thinking it could confuse origin, I changed them all to English but it didn't affect anything on my friends list. The more you know...


Edit: As I hinted in my first post this isn't really a problem. I just suggested it be changed because from my point of view it seemed like an effort had been made just to make things more complicated.

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