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[Feedback Free Throw] Official Fall Parade Discussion

by EA_Blueberry

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[Feedback Free Throw] Official Fall Parade Discussion

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What's up, NBA Live Mobile Community!


The Fall Parade is now live in-game and we're excited to hear your thoughts about it. You can earn confetti points to unlock John Stockton, Paul George, and Shaquille O'Neal!


If you haven't had a chance to jump in game and earn some confetti yet, we have a quick breakdown on the event here and a Fall Parade Campaign Overview video here compliments of The SteelCityMUT


Good luck on the courts!


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Re: [Feedback Free Throw] Official Fall Parade Discussion

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Hi Blueberry,


I think it will be great that we can still use the all season 4 cards in the promo lineup or make a SD lineup which can use all season 4 cards. If the promo does not require any promo lineup ovr to unlock something, i think it is not much sense to limit the promo lineup for only promo cards. I know PVP will come soon, and our members in the league are patient enough for the fun from PVP.


In a word, it will be great to have a mixed lineup to be able to play in the Showdown games. More fun for all players for sure.


Thanks a lot.

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Where are the sets from the last promo??

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Product: NBA Live Mobile
Platform:Apple iPad
Summarize your bug Okay, I swear I saw yesterday that the sets from the Thanksgiving promo would be live after the promo ended. I was working and didn't have time to cash out a bunch of tokens (150 to be exact) for players I NEED. Why aren't we allowed to complete sets for a few days post-promo like with EVERY other promo you've run the past two years? Add it back please!!!
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Look at the sets. All of the thanksgiving sets are GONE
What happens when the bug occurs? I can't cash out my tokens. I have 150 of the red / elite tokens plus the turkey / hand one to boost a player. Help me out!
What do you expect to see? A grace period on these sets. C'mon guys. I spent a whole month chasing these items and then you left no time at the end to cash them out. I mean, the Ray Allen sets are still available. Why is this happening like this? Not cool

Give us back the Thanksgiving promo sets for at least a week please. People get busy and need a grace period. C'mon folks, you never do it this way. Fix it. 

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