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Feedback For DEMO

by Finnieston

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Feedback For DEMO

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★★★★ Novice

Before I start this I am playing on the Xbox One from 2013 so I don't expect Anthem to look as well as it does on pc, Xbox one x or ps4 pro. I do have a 4k tv and it does make it look better. 


The demo had bad problems with servers which I can understand but you keep giving out so many codes. Here is a list of things that the whole community needs.


1. It needs optimization for consoles as pc outperforms both, PlayStation and Xbox needs an update for Anthem to run smoother, graphics and in general an uphaul fix for the consoles we know it and so do you EA and BioWare. There are some bland textures and facial animations in the hub are a bit funny


2. Flying seems good on a controller but not as smooth on pc (Mouse and keyboard).


3. Audio bug in the game when in action there is no sound for guns as if an audio file seems it has gone 

4. Camere violently shakes occasional when reading and aim in with a guns

5. Customization is one of the best parts of the game with so many ways to customize  but this could also go very badly if a lot of it is behind a paywall yes customization is fun but I don't think all of it should be behind a paywall but i am sure it wont anyway great job.

6. Framerate drops when the screen gets busy and it's easy to get lost in the haze of combat can also cause the game to freeze and crash. Needs a fix.


7. Fort taris is underwhelming and seems very empty and does not feel very alive when listening to some NPC in the game, for example, the lady who beat the man I cards after thy talk they just stand there as if they're fixed in place. Would be nice to get a drink in the bar.


8. There is a follow me quest yellow road trial in the game let us the players make our own way with clues


9. Would be nice to change the ultimate ability and have maybe 3 options for javelins ultimate.


10. The full game releases on Origin premier pc on the 15 February but for everyone else, it realizes on the 22 February even for the pre-orders.


11. Long loading screens break up the gameplay and immersive feel of the game hopefully will be fixed.


12. The map needs waypoints one for each player.



Overall the demo was good and looking foward to the fulll version.

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