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by ShiniIdol

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Good morning, I would like to report the problems I have experienced. I know this is not the right area but I can not report on the error forum because there is no game platform.

I know that a lot of gent has already reported these bugs but I hope that I speak some that no one spoke.


1) Several times in several loading screens was infinite.


2) In the spider's boss or in the middle of some matches the game started the loading screen of nothing like I started the game.


3) When he hit the infinite load in the middle of a mission as he went to the other side of the map or cave, all the items he had collected are lost even when he returned to the mission that was left open.


4)Sometimes at the end of the mission, the characters did not appear when counting the experience points. This resulted in the loss of xp points but the items were usually collected at the end (some friends and I went through it before level 15)


5)The audio of the game disappeared once for me but for some sumil friends several times having to restart the game to return.


6)The language of the caption when you change to English even returning to Portuguese Brazil is in English.
I have to open the game select English, the home screen buga does not appear enter to start, close the game and open again select portugues Brazil ae is in portuques, but when I close the game and open again it is in English having to do the same procedure to stay with the Portuguese legend.


If anyone has experienced a similar experience or something different outside the common commentary there!
Every Point makes the difference


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