FIFA 22 Cross-play Test Feedback

by EA_Nicodemus

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Re: FIFA 22 Cross-play Test Feedback

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The best you can do is an idea of ​​10, but crossplay also include the pc people please, my congratulations the best idea you could have, but include the pc people
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Re: FIFA 22 Cross-play Test Feedback

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  1. Xbox Player here.


I made a friendly online with a friend from Playstation.


I added in Fifa his PSN ID and it worked perfectly ... 


Everything worked fine with us in menus and in game.


The match was fluid with no lag or problems in connection.


Looks like a game between players in the same platform. 


Congrats to EA for this idea.


We have been waiting this for years.

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Cross play

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I think adding cross-play into FIFA is bad decision cause of the amount of bugs/issues and broken bs 

in the game also Adding Cross play takes a lot of work and also the feature is very bad for certain game like Call of Duty for example that game features cross play and cross progression and the game plays like garbage cause of cheaters so if adding cross play into a Sports Game like FIFA then you don’t have a clue what you’s are doing your going to just break FIFA 22 when it drops I know it then when FIFA 23 comes out game will even be more understandable than FIFA 22 was so if your wondering what I think about cross play in FIFA it’s a bad decision sorry 


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Re: FIFA 22 Cross-play Test Feedback

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We want to update the Arsenal shirt because it is dark red and not bright red like the reality and we want. Update the shirt from under the player's head because it is not like reality
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Re: FIFA 22 Cross-play Test Feedback

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Is there gonna be cross-play for ultimate team?

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Re: FIFA 22 Cross-play Test Feedback

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@EA_Nicodemus When searching for a player on PS5 I could see and add them even though they didn't have the game installed. I got a generic error message until they installed the game. Would be cool if I could easily are if they are Xbox or ps5 ( I am on stadia)
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Re: Cross play

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@Rampage_iRonikz With me worked perfectly.

If the Crossplay could be well done it will be a great thing for esports world.

I'm confident that for what i see yesterday everything is working fine with crossplay so no need for worries.

EA looks know what are doing.
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Re: FIFA 22 Cross-play Test Feedback

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I have a xbox series x and my friend has a xbox one we are both opted in for cross play yet we cannot add each other. 

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Re: Cross play

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@Rampage_iRonikz Don't worry man, you will be able to disable cross-play in your settings so you wont need to use it.

For those of us on PC Crosplay has been a very heavily requested feature for so long. 

Another thing to note is that EA has been unsurprisingly stingy with their money by not implementing a robust anti-cheat system in their game, for example they could try obtaining a licence to use the 'EasyAntiCheat' service, which would certainly make it much more difficult for cheaters to act with impunity but they have chose not to do that, or create a robust system of their own.


So I would say instead of "no cross-play" it would be better to ask for "Better anti-cheat system to supplement cross-play" but hey that's just one mans opinion. Angel

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Re: FIFA 22 Cross-play Test Feedback

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Hi there, @R0chdale11 


Cross-play is not available on Xbox One or PS4 at this time. Should that happen, we'll make an announcement on our official channels. Thanks!

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