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by mellowbr0

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★★★ Novice

I played the VIP and the open demo and have spent the last few days playing the full game, I like the game but I have quite a few problems with it. Connection issues aside, there's a lot I hope you guys improve upon within the game as the expectations built up through e3 and other gameplay videos prior to release were not met.

1. PLEASE add more variety into the weapon system, make the guns look different and maybe have a few other names other than the same name over and over and over. maybe some weapon shading system or something to add some form of variety here as the current state makes it hard to get excited about the a loot based game.

2. PLEASE add more armor options for the game, I know there will be new ones available in the store but the fact that there are only one or two armor variations throughout the whole game, outside of the store, is extremely disappointing. I really like the customization of the shading and materials and would love to see some interesting armor variations to play with.

3. there are a lot of creatures in the game but so far I have spent 97% of the game fighting scorpions and scars. I don't think you should make more, but maybe utilize the ones you already have a bit more.

4. add a little more life to fort Tarsis, we spend an absurd amount of time here and it would be cool to watch it grow and become a little more dynamic, similar to what was shown in the e3 trailers. specifically, NPCs around the fort......... btw thank you for adding a running option for the fort

5. the open world would be SO much more engaging and immersive if we actually got to see the striders walking around similar to how there are roaming creatures, they claim to be vital for survival yet we rarely if ever see them being used. also if the enemy spawns were a little smoother the game would be automatically better, seems like they just pop out of nowhere and sometimes disappear out of nowhere, feels more like a training simulator than a dangerous world to get immersed and survive in. 

6. missions are fun because the gameplay is fun, but adding some variety to the quest objectives like defending striders or caravans, hunting special creatures, more exploration driven missions.....................just less of the go here shoot these scars, go here shoot these scorpions then collect these, rinse and repeat.

7. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, decrease the number of random loading screens that pop up throughout the actual gameplay.

8. some pvp options would be fun. 

9. please change the launch system for the missions, it is extremely annoying and tedious to return to the fort in between every single mission, it would be a million times simpler and more satisfying to use this screen to launch to a region where you could then travel to the mission location via flight, giving us more time to do one of the most fun parts of the game, and upon completing said mission, travel right over to the next. only returning to the fort when you want to check out your drops.


I really enjoy certain aspects of the game like the gameplay, the graphics, the characters are even pretty interesting at times, but honestly, it feels like there is a HUGE chunk of content that's missing from the game. 

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