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Re: Extend the vip demo!!

by TroutyMate

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Extend the vip demo!!

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Even with the crapshow bugfest its been. I want my due and propers.

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Re: Extend the vip demo!!

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You’ll be receiving an exclusive vinyl for all of your Javelins on launch, as compensation for time lost with the demo.

I’ve said this half a dozen times on different posts, but I’ll say it again.

They won’t extend the VIP demo, as the open demo launches next weekend. And they need all the time available to work out the rest of the issues, namely the 95% inifinite loading screen.

So they will not be extending the VIP demo, and it’s absolutely the correct move. You’ll be able to play the game for however long you want soon, so an extra few hours of gameplay now means literally nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Instead, you’ll receive a permanent reward for your patience with the difficulties in the demo.

I hope this has helped. Standard smile
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Re: Extend the vip demo!!

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Not to mention they are doing a reset of gear on actual game releases so it shouldn't matter too much, yeah it's frustrating to bot get to play or only play for a little but it's a demo, there are work arounds for some of the bugs. Just try to see it good in it.

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