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Everything we know about Anthem (Resource)

by SofaJockeyUK

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Re: Everything we know about Anthem (Resource)

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Dont think it would help but no problem post away >D
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Re: Everything we know about Anthem (Resource)

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@SofaJockeyUK wrote:


In Anthem, you play as a pilot who can use an arsenal of Javelins to complete their missions. But you’ll also be able to have several pilot profiles on a single game. So don’t worry if you share a game console at home, you won’t have to share your progress as well. Your pilots and Javelins are both individually upgradeable and customizable. What does that mean? Well, your pilot has its own level, and each of your javelins has a unique collection of equipment. As you progress and level up, your pilot will receive points to upgrade and your javelin will collect new equipment, giving greater power and more options to your loadout.


Gotta love the interweb! I heard something online about pilot profiles and came across this treasure trove of information on my game. Luckily have about 16 days to master the theory before I jump into my Javeline again. 


Thanks for compiling this information @SofaJockeyUK!  Wish I could give you two xp for this. 

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Re: Everything we know about Anthem (Resource)

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@Rubecky wrote:

No text chat i am deaf how do i communicate with others ??????

I can't begin to imagine your frustration. Perhaps try using Discord? It supports text, voice, and video. Not the most convenient when playing with strangers, but might be a suitable work-around until Bioware adds support to the game.


If you play on PC, feel free to shoot me an invite and I'll circle you in with our small group of friends.

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Re: Everything we know about Anthem (Resource)

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Hopefully there will be something and we just didn't see it in the demo.


I started to think that the game was simply made for consoles and push to talk was easier in that context.

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Re: Everything we know about Anthem (Resource)

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Hi guys, check out this topic created by @OneEyeGuy16 where some of the folks at EA have responded.


Stronger Together!

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Re: Everything we know about Anthem (Resource)

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@calrizian wrote:
Another thread addressed this. Apparently a law came into effect for disabled gamers this year. In essence, it squashed in-game communication. I don't think we have a clear way to communicate yet. Everyone is in the same boat as you, deaf or hearing. I think we are waiting to see how/if guilds are implemented, then we can go from there. Having to type messages outside of the game would be bonkers. Good luck, and roll with me sometime and we'll try to figure out something together if you want.

The law did not squash anything; as the Anthem devs said on discord, it's down to technical issues with Frostbite.

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Re: Everything we know about Anthem (Resource)

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@labtud wrote:

I can totally get that with how some gamers are mate.


im still reading the FCC thing but I feel like I’m missing something. 


It it seems really slanted towards blind/visually impaired people.. which is good in some aspects but also affects other disabilities in a negative way.


if I was you (if this is the actual reason BioWare aren’t putting this in) I would start your own specific thread about this.


i will back you up on it and I’m sure loads of other would as well.. 



It actually doesn't work like that at all, it is not slanted towards blind/VI.


If you're developer text chat it must work for all of these groups. If you're developing voice chat it must also work for all of these groups.


  • Blind
  • Low vision
  • No colour perception
  • Deaf
  • Limited manual dexterity
  • Limited reach and strength
  • Prosthesis
  • Unable to use time-dependent controls
  • No speech
  • Limited cognitive skills

There are two extra requirements that don’t apply to chat itself but do apply to any information needed to use the functionality (instructions, prompts, button labels etc):

  • Avoidance of common epilepsy triggers
  • Ability to pause any moving text

More info:

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