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Easy and simple changes to make this game better (Dev`s listen)

by ZakJamesChester

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Easy and simple changes to make this game better (Dev`s listen)

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So Loving the game but i wanna express my opinions that could really make alot of players happy and shouldnt require to much time/effort on the devs side. 

Boss Loot: So first off its great that we can get up to legendary loot from stronghold bosses, however this is rare which is fine but the bosses on GM1+ should have a guaranteed MW with the other loot ranging from rare-legendary, this way people are still rewarded even if its just a MW

Universal components: these are a great idea and i know that youre adding more in to really increase the possible builds, however the armor/shield rating for these are way to low. i understand they should be lower than the components for restricted to certain classes but 449 shield/armor for a MW is shocking compared to the 3000+ MW`s. i feel these components at legendary tier should have at least 2000, shield/armor just so you can actually use these items in GM2/GM3 which requires alot of armor/shields to survive. 

Craft-able consumables: Great job organizing these btw much better system. however we should still be able to craft multiple pieces faster to save time having to craft them over and over. not only this but you should add in missing rare consumables such as shield/armor (20%). would be ideal to add these in.  

Craft-able legendary items: Yes i know legendary items re meant to be some what rare and yes theyre endgame i know that but hear me out. Alot of people such as me have no use for MW embers so being able to craft legendary items for say 50 MW embers seems like a fair and reasonable deal. However you have to unlock these legendary items, so how this would work is you obtain whatever legendary item and then you would have to complete so many contracts,strongholds etc. with that legendary item equipped, after completing these challenges unlocks the Craftable legendary item, this would bring back lots of players, keep them on the grind for MW embers etc. as well as taking part in different activities. 


Note:im not mentioning loot drop increase, new armor sets etc. as the devs have comment on this, the above improvements are additional things the devs should be adding, im sure everyone would agree these changes really would improve the game and make you wanna grind out more and make you playing endgame feel more rewarding 

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Re: Easy and simple changes to make this game better (Dev`s listen)

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These suggestions are good. The problem is they know all this but refuse to implement any of it.  We have been mentioning this stuff since the game released.  The EA Game Changers were mentioning it during alpha. For a company that keeps saying they are going to tweak the game with our suggestions in mind, there seems to be very little of that actually going on.

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