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Re: Easter egg?

by AOD_CobaltSteel

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Easter egg?

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Has anyone noticed in the top right corner of the Galvanizer skin for the alternator that it says Wattson?

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Re: Easter egg?

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It's actually a mirrored image. It should be read " Nosttaw"



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Re: Easter egg?

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One of the Kraber legendary skins has "Lifeline" written on it too.


But yeah, it was a spoiler.

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Re: Easter egg?


That is an amazing piece of noticing! 

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Re: Easter egg?

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Yes, It dose say Wattson for the new legend...more like late entry legend, but...yeah, you got it.


I'll let you find the next one. There another weapon for has the name octane on it. Good luck! Respawn did made it tricky to find it.

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