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Early Access : Colossus, review

by RahKatosh

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Early Access : Colossus, review

★★★ Novice

Hi fellows Freelancers.


I would like to re-open the discussion about the current state of the Colossus.
The previous one bring a lot of attention, and a lot of thing were discuss from the Demo/Beta.


Now, seems things were mproved for our lovely big brother, but is it enough ? Too much ?

I'll gladly read your impression on the current Colossus.

Let's start with me.
I personnaly got a kit with Siege Canon, Firewall Mortar and the Shield Shout (-33% dmg), using a torrent and devastator as weapons.
Component goes for Massive shield/armor boost, sprinting damage (+300%) and combo boost (+50%) as core.
Playing it like a cleaner for small target (Shield charge is insane), or artillery for big target/boss. Firewall is a blast for perpetual setting/priming, and the siege canon is fast enough to detonate any target/group in less than a second.


  1. Survivability far better than during the demo. Could handle multiple shot of Scar Scout in Tyrant mine hard mode (and it get harder overall), when during the demo, one shot take 75% of my shield.
  2. Good offensive potential. Dunno what people got with Colossus not been a damage dealer, but for me, it's a beast dealing with groups of mobs. Combo're insane, and his kit could provide both med-to-long or short range.
  3. Crowd Control potential. Did i mention the shield charge ? If not, it's enough to say. Lack of CC element, but not much a problem.


  1. Mobility. The colossus is a truck. Nothing more to say. But with his high resistance, not a problem. Except. . .
  2. Regeneration is a chore. You MUST overuse of the shield charge just to get your life back to acceptable level. In hard mode it was sometimes very risky, and i'm afraid in GM it will become a suicide. I'll see later. But it need a way to regen his life, even at a slow pace, without depending this much of heatl drop.
  3. Crowd Control sensibility. With his lack of mobility, and his protection only in a 180 degree in front of him, once you're flanked by any mob that got frost skills, you'll suffer a lot. May even been stunlock if there is more than one.

But i'm not level 30, i didn't try GM so. . . We'll see.
And you ?

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Re: Early Access : Colossus, review

★ Guide
sprinting damage is fun !! top it off with +% repair spawn & did you know that those repair kits heal your shield as well while you have it out and RUNNING EVERYWHERE
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