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EA and Origin long history of failure

by FR4sianTTV

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EA and Origin long history of failure

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This is my personal opinion no trash talk make me change my mind though.

Because lately the sole reason why I have been playing Apex is because some of my friends still prefer it. Warzone is harder in a way, but my main is Warzone, I think that Steam and Blizzard have had a better go than EA and EA is doing nothing to change because people fall for their marketing.



To be honest I played 6 games in a row where I looted full floors and building and all I came out with was a bunch of ammo and no firearm. This game loot distribution is a fail. Random loot distribution what are the odds I mean 1 or 2, maybe 3 games 6 games in a row lol. 

Also not only that the ranking system is flawed and the servers are filled with hackers. I spent my last dollars on any EA games people should follow. 


EA has a bad reputation in lacking to listen to their community and they have showed that they changed their ways with Apex in a way but still not. 

When things crash to a point where they believe the game is a loss they will come up with the exact same game but with a different set up and sell it to you full price after marketing the new game as a hype and the new game will be garbage. 


There is a reason why Call of Duty keeps releasing new games, but never too different though, they change things quick they are solid in terms of dealing with hackers, you never get away having no hackers in a game but loll 1 game out of 3 has hackers on Origin servers. A pro streamer last year was playing Apex and was paid to play a certain number of hours for a certain period, he told EA to keep their money and deleted the game due to the high hacker levels. I believe it was Ninja, unsure... No serious measures seemed to have been taken to reduce the number of hackers. 


Also the rank system in this game is a joke, they're releasing season 5 saying they won't change anything in the rank system based on the fact that they believe the rank system is well put loll. Again EA show that they're too lazy to make needed changes, ignore it and soon will be releasing a new game or more in game purchase to compensate for the players who are leaving.

Making you pay more like the system they implemented when the first heirlooms showed up, if you wanted Wraith dagger you pretty much had to spend a few hundreds of dollars unless you were very lucky, then for lifeline, bloodhound and patty you needed to spend about $200 each to get the heirlooms. Wake up EA, that's also how you failed that hard with Battlefront II and you still haven't learned your lesson.

So explain to me how is it that when I was gold I ended up playing on a server three times in a row with 2-3 predator teams in the server. But If I want to play with my buddy who is a predator and get told that I can't because we have more than 1 rank difference. This system is a failure if you only reward the top 500 by putting them against the lower half of the players on board.

Then we can still make it to diamond but a lot of mid range player are stuck at gold or silver and then you can't play with them in Rank if they're your friends but even though you can't join them being a plat player or diamond, they can play against predator players. GG EA

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Re: EA and Origin long history of failure

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Yep, all EA games go the same way for me. Start out good, then after first period *rapidly* degrade, and degrade so bad that they literally become *unplayable*.

Then most become a case of Pay2Win or require you to spend all or more of your free time to stand a chance of obtaining the unlocks you require.

That's not to mention the highly suspect things that tend to occur in the games too.

This is my last EA game and its legs are looking wobbly.
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Re: EA and Origin long history of failure

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@1ronKeys Same I'm done with EA they had me with Battlefield Vietnam and Battlefield 2 on PC a long time ago they used to do well. I always kind of stuck with it hoping better from them but all as been worst and worst and worst
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Re: EA and Origin long history of failure

@FR4sianTTV There is a lot to respond to in this.

With regards to the buildings, it happens with an RNG based loot system. You're more likely to find a gun if you land in high tier loot areas and drop into specific buildings/areas at those locations. They could make the loot more specific at each location, how ever doing so would make the loot locations more predictable. That would have negative consequences, high skill players will know where the more favorable loot is and will always land there.

I feel like the randomness to the loot is a huge part of the game dynamic and a positive one at that. Sure it occasionally leads to some bad drops/luck, but it also can come in clutch. How about those times that you drop on a purple shield and your favorite gun at Frag?!

EA staff are highly active on this forum and very responsive. I have never seen a company so heavily involved with community feedback before. They have engaged us for our opinions on how to fix somethings that pop up with the game. One example was the first ring being too fast on WE when it first came out.

The game is improving with each update. I see a huge improvement when I compare season 2 to season 4.

Cheating is an issue in ALL FPS games at the moment. EA is working on ways to deal with it effectively without negatively impacting honest players. Do you think EA or Respawn really want to ban 700,000+ accounts?

@1ronKeys highly suspect things are not always a sign of cheater. Sometimes people get lucky and you're on the receiving end of it. I have seen some people get really really lucky against me.

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Re: EA and Origin long history of failure

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A tip is to just stop playing multiplayer games. You delete all your worries in one fell swoop that way. Just sayin’.

Besides, who are you guys kidding. ‘This’ll be my last EA game’, heard that so many times. Just like ‘not gonna play this franchise (lets say cod) anymore’ or ‘I’m just gonna stop eating fast food’. You always go back XD
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Re: EA and Origin long history of failure

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@Koochi-Q I swear, this will be my last EA game!

Wait, Jedi Fallen Order: 2 is coming out?
Okay, I swear, after Jedi Fallen Order 2 comes out it will be my last EA game!

What's that? Star Wars BF3?
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Re: EA and Origin long history of failure

@1ronKeys So most become pay to win... But not Apex because that doesn't exist here.

Or others require spending all your free time to stand a chance at unlocking stuff....But not Apex because you can have a great time playing no matter how long you have to play.

If you're talking about ranked grinding for Master or Predator that's a whole different conversation. That's not required, you grind that because you want the prestige.
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Re: EA and Origin long history of failure

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@DarthValtrex When i mentioned suspect i wasn't referring to cheaters
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Re: EA and Origin long history of failure

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@Pure_Funk_Nugget Nah i was mainly referring to games like Battlefront and FIFA re pay2win or spend your whole time.

I've actually spent more money on Apex than any other game. In fact other games I just pay the price of the game and that's that.
Found Apex fun, didn't require your whole time etc, and you're only paying for cosmetics. Whilst im against paying for things in games i was happy to for Apex. It's become marginally grindy with the battlepass but fairllllly reasonable dynamic.

I find the concept of paying £16 for a weapon skin or character skin absurd tho.

But the thing that *does* apply to Apex is the degrading of the gameplay. Whether certain aspects of this are done deliberately or not, I'm undecided
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Re: EA and Origin long history of failure

@Koochi-Q The part about this is my last is the truth, though this is my last fifa ultimate team!
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