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EA & Origin Access Passess, Early Access, But Not Legion of Dawn

by WPScorpionWind

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EA & Origin Access Passess, Early Access, But Not Legion of Dawn

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This applies to digital copies only. Physical copies are not available until the official release date.


Ight so I digress. I feel that there is a problem with how Legion of Dawn members are getting the short end of the stick here when it comes to the early access thing.


If you break it down you basically get this. People can subscribe to EA access or origin premier access for a single moth costing $4.99 and get at least 10 hours of early access game time on the 15, with the Origin Premier Access getting unrestricted access. Loyal customer aside here there's going to be a LOT of people who are going to subscribe for a single month to both just long enough to get that early access. And making clear that the early access is to the finished product with said progress being permanent. And both from my understand are getting VIP demo access, and the two vinyls that are coming from playing, or there lack of, it. EA access I know does. And this is only Anthem specific stuff. I am ignoring all the other stuff they get for those access passes for the moment not pertaining to Anthem as it's not really of relevance.

Now let's compare that to the Legion of Dawn (LoD) Edition owners. They have spent $20, more than the standard edition players to get access to the VIP demo, the 2 vinyls that come from it, the LoD gear, being one set per javelin, a Ranger specific attachment, a "founders" banner and this sound track in which I have actually seen little about.


Now if we compare the two we see the Access members getting exclusive rights to the early access on Feb 15, 1 week before general release which again is permanent. And the LoD Edition, getting exclusive rights to the 4 cosmetic armors, a ranger attachment, a banner, and the sound track. Now lets say that that the LoD bonuses stay exclusive to LoD which IMO they better, and most likely will. I still see a problematic situation here.


Legion of Dawn cost $15 more if you compare to those who only get an access pass for the one month in order to get the early access. Now lets say that we account for the entire period people could preorder in which case it would aslo include the month of January. Then LoD would still be $10 or double the price of the access pass. Now comparing the two rewards it is easily decide which of tht two is a better deal, regardless of what the Lod Bonuses are "valued at", simply because they are valued by whatever the company says it is. They could say it was worth $100 and regardless of what the players actually think, that's what it would be valued. Now if LoD owners want that early access we also have to spend at least another $4.99, in which case that's $4.99 tacked onto either the $15 or the $10. Now I will make the disclaimer that I don't find the argument of "What if the Acccess pas members want the special LoD armors valid for several different reasons, in which I won't go in depth about simply because you then have to cover the base pricing, and then the point of what else the access passes get you and several other things, and it becomes a very big mess of things in which quickly become unrelated. And reality is simply looking throught the forms that are already present, quickly shows that many people are far happier to have the early access that actually impacts full game progress over the LoD edition for reason including it is in fact cheaper.


So If you are still following me here, we are basically looking at the rare occasion in life where the one paying more getting the short end of the stick. I'm not trying to say that the LoD edition is not worth it nor am I making any suggestion that the value of the armors is not justified in some way. However What I am saying is that while I do think that there are certain bonuses that the Access pass members have, I do not believe that something like a 1 week early access to the full game should be limited to them and them alone when they are paying less in the time period for the shared content. This is especially emphasized by the fact that one of, and easily the biggest, main selling point of the LoD edition was the VIP demo, which the word rough is rather understating the issues that have occurred through more than half of its time period.

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Re: EA & Origin Access Passess, Early Access, But Not Legion of Dawn

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If LOD got early access then I would upgrade my pre order for sure, but I like others will probably do the 1 month Premier Origin Access to get in early. Would prefer to just upgrade my pre order if LOD could get EA, but sadly it seems they won't do that.
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