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EA.......... Hello?

by cloudofzire

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EA.......... Hello?

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Is everyone else still locked out? I've been waiting six hours now with no updates or info from EA. I would get access all the way to selecting male or female voice and then it would crash to dashboard. Since then I only get "connecting to online services" and then a blank anthem screen. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing, hard-resetting the game, and waited multiple hours just starring at this *. I've had a lot of patience with this but it's getting old fast. I've spent a quarter of a day waiting for this demo to get fixed. Is this what I paid $80 for? Is this what i waited almost a year for? Has anyone even heard anything from EA in regards to a timeframe of when it will be fixed? I pre-ordered Anthem back in July and I had high hopes for it but this is rediculous.

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Re: EA.......... Hello?

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technically you paid 80 for the game not the demo, I do understand where the anger comes from though, been trying to get on since the servers went up. But remember this is demo, hell its not even CLOSE to the full game size lol

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Re: EA.......... Hello?

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Your right I paid 80 for the pre-order, but this "VIP" demo is specifically accessible because of my purchase. Had I not bought anthem or maintained my EA subscription I wouldn't have access to the demo until next week alone. I was originally speaking at a fan service point of view that EA can't even keep promises they make.

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Re: EA.......... Hello?

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Yeah this is starting to * me right off. Of course the guys at EA with their heads so far up their own * that they can't see sunshine unless they open their mouths to guzzle another load of crap, they won't pay attention to thsee posts at all. The whole "oh we are working on opening up more servers" line is just really meant to placate us. They are honestly handing out more demo keys and invites to big streamers. But hey here is a piece of advice knucklefucks if they have no one to play with guess what? The game seems boring as *. Honestly this may be the last straw. I am sorry bioware but the moment you signed with ea you doomed yourselves. And if respawn was smart they would cut all ties as well.

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