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Re: Dumb things we or our teammates have done (wk 6)

by Mabezan

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Re: Dumb things we or our teammates have done (wk 6)

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@Pretzelnutcake That sounds like a big brain moment from them
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Re: Dumb things we or our teammates have done (wk 6)

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People, people, people. I love these stories! Gives me so much joy to know human beings can be this intelligently sophisticated. I expect (or just want to believe) that most these stories revolve around rando’s being lvl 80 and up :P so far my top 3 in no particular order are the ones from @pastaclown, @Pretzelnutcake and @Jem450R :P I either just liked how it was told or I could imagine the situation. Some ppl have 2 mentions in this post so just look for your name :P

@Wingmannedbro I surely can XD it was golden. Would’ve loved it if he had died while looting :P

@DarthValtrex... we’ve all been there unfortunately. Even the Caustic situation I’ve had... where I was a wraith and ALMOST didn’t get to the dropship due to a toxic caustic who wanted to do the right thing, drop his ult while we were at the entrance of bunker but someone closed the door and so we were all gassed (so not his vault) and braindead bangalore who dropped her ult way too early so the things exploded right when everybody was running towards the dropship so legends and shadows alike were slowed... XD

@ajharris21, you’re cheating! It was just from this week! Disqualified! But I still liked it xD

@iBlockHead... WHY? Why did he punch you? Nice backstab tho. I would’ve done the same, unmuted my mic, start screaming or make slurping sounds so he wouldn’t hear the enemies 🤪

@pastaclown I sense some resentment. Wanna talk about it? XDD didn’t he have the ‘show last person you played with’ feature on? I would’ve definitely remembered his name. Or I’d sent a msg right away xD. Luckily I’ve not been there. I have had my lion’s share of absolutely horrendous teammates xD

@Jem450R please let it be a peacekeeper-to-the-face-in-1-hit KO? Cause I’ve seen that once months ago XD

@CrazyPlays54 I was expecting something good seeing your name. You did not disappoint xDD. Your moral is one of righteousness! Always do it if they put so much effort in... I had the same at one time and I executed your moral properly xD.

@Pretzelnutcake... ugh... just ugh... well I hope you didn’t have the 3K badge already tho... that’d be the only consolation in some way... teammates are stupid and this whole thread proves it xD.

Well people keep it up... you still have 3 days to post untill it’s tuesday which’ll promt next week’s thread regarding the matter!!! :D
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Re: Dumb things we or our teammates have done (wk 6)

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@Koochi-Q As always, I salute you and your ability to completely confuse me in every way possible
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Re: Dumb things we or our teammates have done (wk 6)

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@CrazyPlays54 Hahaha how did I confuse you this time! I may be still half asleep but I double checked my message since I typed on my phone! It’s legible!
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Re: Dumb things we or our teammates have done (wk 6)

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@Koochi-Q It's a gift I have - to get confused by everything
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Re: Dumb things we or our teammates have done (wk 6)

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@CrazyPlays54 My gift is actually to scare or confuse ppl... that or just the will to converse with me... mostly due to the pre-stated gifts XD
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Re: Dumb things we or our teammates have done (wk 6)

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I prefer not to speak,if i speak,I am in big trouble

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Re: Dumb things we or our teammates have done (wk 6)

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@pastaclownOkay so this isn’t an attempt to one-up you but I had a similar experience this week.

So as some of you might’ve seen is that I started playing ranked. At first did it for weeklies but I actually enjoyed it. Still low on the chart at silver... but here goes...

Some random low lvl silver player is jump master. I wanted to go to lava fissure cause the starting point was there and usually I get some good kills from that ‘hotdrop’... guy doesn’t abide and I’m like ‘okay where does he want to go’. When we’re almost on top of train yard this guy drops down onto it so I already can’t contain myself and say ‘damn you stupid jumpmasters’...

I go to the furthest part of train yard, find blue shield right of the bat and an alternator... I jump down and shoot a wraith who thought she was sneaky. Thirsted her right away. Pathfinder (other teammate) saw an enemy approaching and we were close to each other so I spring into action and start shooting at the enemy pathfinder who was shooting my tm8 pathfinder. The guy retreats and pathfinder’s his way up a rail to the ‘ground level of train yard’... RIGHT into jumpmaster tm8. Keep in mind I was pinging the guy the whole time like ‘get ready to shoot’... the pathfinder climbs over the rail -> probably startled by jumpmaster -> weaves to the right a bit and start shooting BEFORE jumpmaster tm8 starts shooting. Lemme re-iterate, all those movements took like 1-2 seconds. In that time jumpmaster tm8 who knew the enemy would be climbing over the rail due to my pings didn’t shoot at all. This was the second piece of evidence that he sucked. Third piece is that I almost did more damage with my alternator from 30m away than he did with whatever auto gun from 2m. Fourth piece... he had to reload his gun 🤣 I definitely brought the enemy to at least 80 health before he attacked, cause I broke his shield and either hit him 2/3 times afterwards and STILL my teammate had to reload his gun before downing this guy. Honestly I was just baffledly watching what enfolded in front of me.

So enemy is dead... I shoot a cargo bot with a vault key, so before even picking the key up I tell them to go to the vault already because I shot a vault bot. Pathfinder does this, jumpmaster doesn’t. So suddenly I hear ppl coming so I tell jumpmaster again to head to the vault (also marked it on the map), but he doesn’t listen and goes towards enemies. Before we reach the vault, jumpmaster dies and D/C’s... one person less to worry about.

So pathfinder & I all geared up return to fight. I kill one but get shot from behind and die. Pathfinder fights 2, downs one but was about to die, so I said just get away. He doesn’t want to but does after about 5 seconds. Where does this guy want to revive me... the respawn beacon in train yard, so I tell him to not respawn me there and to just get away. The guy says “are you sure” and I say “there’s at least 2 teams here now, yes I’m sure!” So he goes towards the big city.

I want to tell him to not respawn me there but I didn’t say anything. He ziplines towards the rooftop respawn building in capitol city. I just knew there would be ppl camping there. As soon as he was on the rooftop I saw someone hiding. I told him to get away cause there were ppl there. He. Did. Not. Listen. He goes towards the beacon, suddenly someone else who I didn’t see came from behind that and started shooting. Pathfinder panics but manages to get away by jumping off the building and then ziplining away. Enemy gives chase but fails and pathfinder still running.

Well all those bullets got the attention of another squad who started shooting at pathfinder. He runs and runs and I tell him to get away. He. Does. Not. Listen. Yet another person from a new squad starts shooting at him but eventually 2/3 squads are now fighting each other. So what does my teammate think: I’ll revive him at the respawn beacon I went first in the city. Yup, he went back to square one. I told him to not go up there and to not revive me there. Here comes the kicker. In a smug voice, almost condescending tone he says “why not”, to which I proceed to tell him that the Wattson who was hiding behind the respawn beacon the first time placed fences at the zipline to the roof entrance and that she’s still there with her teammate. What does this guy do? Definitely. Not. Listening. Cause he ziplines to the roof, gets fence effected and is shot upon. Upon getting dazed by the fence he exclaims a shocked gasp like he didn’t know it was there. He was not killed there surprisingly, cause he jumped down and wanted to kill someone I think, so he waited in that building and then Wattson’s bloodhound tm8 came and shot him to smithereens.

I told him “I told you to not do it there”, so the guy gives that fake ‘yea you said so’ laugh and said GG.

When he said that I almost lost my marbles! I wanted to say that nothing that he did was good.. or that it wasn’t GG, but I contained myself...

Now it’s obviously good to have your own way of doing things. I consider myself a platinum or diamond guy. Others obviously will not know what kind of skillz someone have. But I had my bloodhound with almost 2.9k kills while jumpmaster was somewhere around lvl 58-78. And pathfinder lvl 100 but no significant badges or stat. So he should’ve known that my directions would’ve left him alive for longer... ugh...

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Re: Dumb things we or our teammates have done (wk 6)

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It was a longbow to the face... 

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Re: Dumb things we or our teammates have done (wk 6)

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Played Duos with a good mate yesterday.

We both got good kills, are in Top 3 already - mostly gold Equip.


Then, our third bro invites both of us into his lobby, I press N to reject, my mate must have typed Y (or it was some kind of bug?!), as we both immediatly got tranfered into his lobby.


Then both of us: "broooo, waht have u done, aaaaaaaaargh :D Now you can play alone!" Shocked


Needed a break after that. Not the first time this happend to me. Angry


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