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Re: Dual wield a possibility!?

by ColdHours

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Dual wield a possibility!?

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So after having some play with R-45's and p2020's I was curious if dual wielding will ever be implemented in this game? The possibility of this would surely raise the value of overlooked sidearms. Now at the moment they are still pretty good with Hop-Ups such as Disruptor rounds and hammer points but I feel dual wield would be the cherry on top. Now if this were I would suggest the option without any added Hop-Ups. Because lets face it dual wield PLUS Hop-Ups would just be broken. But merely as another option when you have a sidearm equipped. So let's say you have one and come across another it would have the option of picking it up as with other weapons but it will equip the second sidearm along with your first. Something to consider but it would definitely make for a better pistol experience. Please make this happen. Pretty please. Standard smile

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Re: Dual wield a possibility!?

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Also wanted to add that what ever attachments You had on Your first pistol would replicate onto the second. So there would be no need to find double the attachments. And if You were to come across any attachments You didn't have and pick them up it would also count towards both pistols.

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Re: Dual wield a possibility!?

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@ColdHours OP!!!

More people suggested this. I think I even did. But I’d say it should require a hopup and that you have to find every attachment for the new gun as well instead of it being a duplicate of everything on the first.

Cause lets say you’re fighting somebody and suddenly see the second gun to go akimbo. You shoot all your bullets out of your purple extended, enemy blew through all their ammo as well and is jumping and reloading like some weird homicidal bunny, while you pick up the new gun that has purple extended with full ammo and can spray him! That’s messed up!
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