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Do NOT nerf Storm.

by geextar

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Re: Do NOT nerf Storm.

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I don't think it's too strong.  It is much easier to play than the others but the others should be buffed to the level of the Storm.  Not the Storm nerfed.

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Re: Do NOT nerf Storm.

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Storm has both qualities and handicaps; I found it depletes its shield faster than the Ranger when under a lot of fire.


These Javelins have been designed to complement each other in a squad; encouraging players to not rely on all being a single class over another.  This means they have to be powerful, but no so much they can't be incapacitated and become ubiquitous.

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Re: Do NOT nerf Storm.

I think BioWare should


nerf anthem.png


ok, not really. Wink


I hope BioWare will balance sensitively and not go careering from nerf to buff depending on whatever the flavor of the week issue is. In the past, they have over-buffed and over-nerfed more often than not.

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Re: Do NOT nerf Storm.

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Due to the infinite loading screen locking me out the entire last day of the demo, I wasnt able to get as much playtime with the Storm as I'd hoped, but I did do a Hard Stronghold with it before getting booted out at the boss fight. I thought that it was pretty well balance with the build I had, but remember another build was too weak.

I'm going to play with it more in the next demo. I had so much new gear I never got to try.
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Re: Do NOT nerf Storm.

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@S0KETH wrote:

This being Said i want to show you this piece of footage of an OP as hell Colossus Build:

Watch this:

The Colossus build in this is BEAST and OP as hell, much more than the STORM.

That is a really strong build, but it's also really boring and not at all what the people who wanted to fire mortars and other artillery wanted out of their Colossus. 

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Re: Do NOT nerf Storm.

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As most people have suggested already I don’t think any nerfs are incoming. 


The Thunder from Down Under(Storm) was definitely a powerful and relatively easy javelin to master. (It will be my main, a flying Sith Lord ⚡️⚡️)


However the demo was just a tiny slice of the capabilities of the other javelins. Some of the Devs personal setups during testing were amazing. One had a Ranger that could keep hovering almost indefinitely with the gear he was rocking. 


Soon as the full game goes live the Theory Crafters will be out in force showing us how we’re can squeeze every bit of potential out of our favourite javelins. 


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