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Re: *Discussion* An Update on Apex Legends from Respawn - 04/25/19

by GboyBhabitz670

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Re: *Discussion* An Update on Apex Legends from Respawn - 04/25/19

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They're communicating. That's great. Their communications team is doing their work.


WHAT they're communicating is absolute *, though. Now, of course, they can't communicate anything else. So we're not here to shoot the messenger. We're here to shoot the message. So stop the brown nosing and accept that the changes made are for a big part garbage.

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Re: *Discussion* An Update on Apex Legends from Respawn - 04/25/19

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@jonesy0218 wrote:

Only the gaming community can take a response that they've been asking for and turn it into, "You didn't do or say enough. It needs to be done this way." 


Respawn, on behalf of every appreciative gamer across all platforms, THANK YOU for giving us the communication and transparency we were asking for. We understand this is a first step in the longevity of this game and we will not taint the forums with spoiled, ignorant, entitled, or negative comments! 



A realistic gamer

Well said, forums are made for constructive criticism but some people are too impatient, too needy, too self-centered, and too spoiled to use it properly and instead just keep saying really negative comments without using the forums to voice out in a positive manner.


Sure it may take some time for the developers to send out a reply/update on the topics discussed, however, that does not mean they aren't reading/absorbing the community's opinion/concerns. Things like these take time, and eventually it will happen. 


Just remain patient.

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