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Re: Discuss new game development idea

by EA_Barry

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Discuss new game development idea

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Would someone from Maxis developers please contact me regarding a novel and really cool game idea?


I am the coach of a FIRST Lego League program that has researched and developed a prototype of a game idea to support the FFL "RePlay" theme that extends some ideas from Spore.  The team members (children ages 10-12) would like to share their idea with a potential developer, and Maxis, the original developer of Spore, would be an excellent audience to hear their idea.


Please contact me to set up a time for FLL Team # 39015 "Sploosh" about their idea for "GeoSploosh".



Ray [Edit - Admin.]

Sploosh Coach

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Re: Discuss new game development idea

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We love that you’re just as passionate about games as we are, and we know how much time and effort goes into game and product ideas and submissions. Thousands of EA employees around the world are also developing ideas for new games and features. Some of these ideas see the light of day, but many don’t. Because of the range of these creative ideas, we unfortunately can’t accept ideas or concepts from people outside of EA. That means we cannot and do not consider unsolicited submissions of game and product ideas from anyone other than our employees—whether we receive them in person, by phone, by email, or otherwise—and we return or destroy all submission materials we receive. This includes unsolicited submissions from our fans, vendors, contractors, and other non-employees.

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Re: Discuss new game development idea

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@EA_BarryNo matter what topic I look at, all your messages are the same(for such similar questions),
How can we tell if you are not a robot or care about what customers want?

I'm just asking out of curiosity.

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