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Disconnect during FreePlay

by gotjf

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Disconnect during FreePlay

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First I just want to say I love Anthem, I'm playing everyday, I'm never going to give up unless it gets really crazy, but every single time I play FreePlay now, trying to get my keys Elysian keys, the game disconnects and it puts me right back at the title screen and it tells me I got disconnected from the servers it happens every time I play free play now, it actually never used to happen this much as it does now.  I looked it up and read someone  was talking about how it was an issue back when the game first came out, and was suppose to get fixed with a earlier patch,  but I feel like something happened and it just happens every time now. I guess my question is is this a known issue or other people experiencing it as frequently as me? By the way I play on PS4 pro. Internet is good and everything when it happens nobody else gets disconnected from what they're doing.

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Re: Disconnect during FreePlay

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Been playing since early access and almost never had disconnects. I had my first 2 pilot error msg's in Freeplay and one disconnect similar to yours this evening.


I think the servers are a little wonky the past few days to be honest. Just the other day they had the Origin services go offline problem for a lot of people, and now the Hours Played not showing up, and displaying 0 with last time played showing as never.


It's not just you, and I'm on PC btw.

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Re: Disconnect during FreePlay

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Happened to me on pc, when I tried to leave free play, sent me to the desk top
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