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Re: Did y'all miss me?

by EA_Atic

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Did y'all miss me?

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Wow. Apparently all it took was sitting out a few seasons to get a mirage buff!


Just popping my head back in, been gone about as long as the r-99 was in the care package. Despite the apparent complaints,  I gotta say Olympus and Horizon have renewed some of my fire for Apex.  I was worried when I saw the Trident announced,  but must say I'm really pleased with the implementation. 


I doubt I'll be buying a battle pass this season.  It seems really lackluster in offerings, but congrats respawn,  you got me back in the drop ship! 

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Re: Did y'all miss me?

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@blkarmphoenix The new legends are pretty fun, although Rampart is a bit bad.
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Re: Did y'all miss me?

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@blkarmphoenixMirage is an awesome character now - the new Horizon is great fun... Rampart.. she's MEH doesn't offer anything unless you like to play with LMG's!

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Re: Did y'all miss me?

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@blkarmphoenix welcome back!



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