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Diana's Landing, do you go?

by Reposter

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Diana's Landing, do you go?

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Hi guys, I just tested Diana's Landing new event, managed to complete it with 1 other team mate the first time we tried. Since the timer for the game did not increase, is there really an incentive to go try and complete 4 Events? 


During this test of the new event, my team split into 2, while me and my Colossus buddy tried Diana's Landing, the other half of the team went to confront Vara right after the 3rd Event at Casja's Forge. We had some time left cause we were quite fast and completed the first 3 events fast. 


Do you bother with Diana's Landing, appreciate insight and some strategic approach to whether it is worth doing other events beyond the first three: 1. Ring of Magnus, 2. Britaheim & 3. Casja's Forge, in GM2 Difficulty.


I honestly think that if you want to do a 4th event and maybe 5th event, you honestly have no more time for Vara Boss, share your opinion with me.

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Re: Diana's Landing, do you go?

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I’ve noticed this too. I want to do it to get a higher score and more crystals but so far both times it has been just me going to it. Everyone else goes to Vara. The first time I completed it before they killed Vara and the second time they killed Vara before I could complete it. As a result I’m getting more crystals since it’s a team score but I am missing loot drops. Not sure why everyone is skipping this. It’s not hard to do imo. 

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Re: Diana's Landing, do you go?

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I played a match last night one of the guys in the party just went straight for Vera as soon as it started we didn't even make it to the second event..
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Re: Diana's Landing, do you go?

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There's plenty of time to do the 4 events plus the grabbit king and other secret events.


Completed 3 successful runs today with randoms using match making.


4th run on my Colossus for the daily was unable to get grabbit king etc cause after the 4th event the rest of the group rushed Vara even though we had 9 min left on the timer. All of them on gm2

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Re: Diana's Landing, do you go?

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@Daethena that may be so but when you have people that rush, and beat the final boss, which ends the event you don't get time to do everything else, there are people who just rush to the end. Doesn't give the rest if your team the option to finish.
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Re: Diana's Landing, do you go?

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Diana's Landing - where dat?

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Re: Diana's Landing, do you go?

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New Arena added to Cataclysm event today! it's West of Casja's Forge out just before you reach the beach.

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Re: Diana's Landing, do you go?

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@Daethena Thank-you!  Spent the morning washing & waxing the Glide and then only made one Cat run before I had to leave for work.  I'll check it out tonight when I get home.

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Re: Diana's Landing, do you go?

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@ReposterI had 5M+ points GM2 random run today - the whole group was disciplined enough to not touch any secrets and orbs before finishing all 4 events. Then we swiped the whole map: 1 went for beach puzzle near Diana's + the gate/cave puzzle + the path from the beach to Vara, 2 others went for grabbits and beach puzzle in New Dawn, 1 went for start regions (Hope shattered + The Approach).

Gathered total 500k points, killed Vara with couple minutes left (points doubled to 1M). 5k+ crystals.

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Re: Diana's Landing, do you go?

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★★★★ Novice

Did 3 runs yesterday all solo queue. First one was a disaster. I was the only one doing anything the other just flew around and died. But, the other 2 runs were great and last one was just 3. 

We still managed to do all 4 events and sub boss each time. Also some "secrets" for extra points ended up killing Vara with about 2min to spare and 3 million points. My highest so far. 


My ranger was 245 and i am pretty sure the others were equal or higher. 

DIana's landing can be painful if you dont get on top of the mobs quickly. 

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