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Devs please note - Ideas for enemies

by TheReal_USA_MAGA

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Devs please note - Ideas for enemies

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The Anthem of Creation needs to get creative .😎 .here are some ideas:




A cross over from Horizon Zero Dawn would be cool


Underground tremor things


Bugs that latch onto you and gum up your movement


A Psionic that takes over a random squad mate for 20 second intervals and inverts your controls


Plants that look like harvestable but that grab and hold you


Large flying bugs


Night stalkers  - simething that only comes out at night - game gets really dark when they are near you.  Makes terrifying sounds.  Rips you to shreds with a chance of ripping some of your gear off. 


Giant bats also a night time only thing


Dragons that shoot lighting




Sabertooths with spines


Gremlins that mess up your paint job


Something that drops down hard on you in caves if you don't look up.  Slime or something that makes you glow pink for the rest of the mission so everyone knows you're an idiot


Something with tendrils that wrap around you and crush you


Something that mimics your exact build and attacks you with it or steals the build of someone active in Freeplay


A chameleon enemy that hides and strikes viciously if you don't spot it.  Easy to kill if you spot it.  Hyper high damage if you don't


Something that throws it's voice to confuse you with an echo taunt


Something that starts drilling through your armor in a way you can see it coming toward your face


Something that uses your own inertia against you on its next strike


Something big and nasty with a heavy magnetic pull or that can alter gravity to force you to stay in the ground for a time when it pounds the ground sphere under your javelin.  Needs to be fast


Colossus and interceptor foes


Enemies that blind you for a bit


You could also give us benevolent companion pets to help us


The Anthem of Creation needs to get creative .😎












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Re: Devs please note - Ideas for enemies

★ Guide

A lot of these sound neat but I am wholly against anything that takes away player control for more than 5 seconds. Nothing drained my enjoyment of a game faster than basically being unable to play the game.

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