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Dev Team: Some points for Leadership and Direction

by TheReal_USA_MAGA

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Dev Team: Some points for Leadership and Direction

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So releasing the patch with visual bugs that make every masterwork and legendary look broken on armor and shields (I think damage to) was a Colossal Screw Up. Regardless if it was game play effecting or not.  Get that fixed ASAP.  Does your internal testing team need a protocol of exactly what they should be looking for?  I mean it took your player base a hot 10 minutes to notice it.  I see an absolute ton of these kinds of bugs being missed by your testing team so design a 100 point inspection process for them (Leadership)  Include gear inscriptions testing, weapon damage testing, each aspect of components testing - make them sign off on it - mission trigger testing (Accountability.  Simulate reality - use a first gen PS4 to - on a slower DSL connection - emulate your worst case customer experience (TESTING PROTOCOLS)


Creativity lacking - no new weapons, no new gear, no new creatures (no the big fury doesn't count), no 'we love you - here are enough credits to buy a free set of armor' as an apology for game launch state - nadda - a BIG UPDATE SHOULD ALSO ALWAYS INCLUDE A SLIGHT CHANGE TO EXISTING STRONGHOLDS  (iF YOU'RE GIVING US THE SAME CONTENT - MIX IT UP A BIT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD)


Thanks for the QoL changes.  I love switching my guns/gear before a final boss because what I need for mob control is different from what it takes to keep some distance from these bosses.  Back to creativity - consider the use of time based challenges or team based face offs (opposing Javelin teams) to complete a stronghold (not always a single "BOSS" - that will get old quick - already kinda has)


Once an item is in the store - keep it there.  Why would you want less product on the shelves?  If you're going retail in that area - go Walmart not lemonade stand - you know what I mean?


Change Fort Tarsis - Let us make it our home.  Think back to Baldurs Gate or whatever - whatever that game was with your own keep you could make changes to by making decisions.  You nailed it back then - go study that and come back to us with new things opening up in our fort that we can see all the time.  Let us hang our own banners on the walls.  Deliver the Bioware experience


As a short term fix ---Increase Loot Drops for GM2 and GM3 across the board.  Hell make GM 3 nothing but Masterwork + Legendary against stronghold bosses and legendary adversaries.  Next to no-one in their right mind would play GM3 as it is right now.  My Javelin can take it but why in earth would anyone subject themselves to that?


Increase the probability that different classes receive +Armor or + Shield depending on Class or give us the option to switch that inscription (Yeah my autocannon with +150 shield isn't really cutting it for me)  - Everyone is experiencing this kind of thing - it's a simple fix - it will make your customers more happy - just do it


Don't send out low level employees to your livestream to take your lumps for you.  That was poor leadership.


All the best,








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Re: Dev Team: Some points for Leadership and Direction

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LOL "Test Team"? "aint nobody got no time fo dat!

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Re: Dev Team: Some points for Leadership and Direction

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@TheReal_USA_MAGA wrote:



First, it looks like you put some thought into the post explaining your opinions. So, thanks for contributing.


Lots of players are interested in higher difficulties like MW3 for the challenge. Though, I can see how someone's dopamine seeking-reward loop might trigger MW3 should provide greater rewards.


Perhaps think about it this way - The game is supposed to be fun. Casual or solo players shouldn't be punished, they should have the same opportunity to get rewards. There is a balance that needs to be struck.


Regarding leadership and direction - If you're an expert maybe apply for a job and take that on.. Note: Producing a new game IP is an amazingly difficult task that sometimes taking unbelievable gobs of funding, managing multiple efforts over multiple teams while wrangling marketing and customer expectations.



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Re: Dev Team: Some points for Leadership and Direction

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I don't need the job.


Given the Kotaku article and the clear picture of leaderless chaos it portrays - and the devs constant refrain that their player base will help drive decisions - I think I'm perfectly fine to offer the direction.  Moreover - sending those devs out to the wolves as way to humanize the development team in the eyes of an infuriated customer base was just poor leadership.  Ben's dropped off the map - Darrah only communicates by Twitter to the community.  It's not looking good.

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