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Re: Delay while playing


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Delay while playing

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Ever since the update from yesterday, my game is just * up, making it unplayable.


During my game there is lag/delay of about 0.5 seconds on everything and anything.

Drop items from menu? Delayed.

Shooting/hitting people? Delayed. 

Picking items up? Delayed.

Opening doors? Delayed.


Every * thing is delayed and it is constant, without fault.


I checked which datacentre I connect to, which is also unchanged. My PC is not the problem here, my specs are well above the average, my network/internet is fine, without packet losses and so forth, no firewalls, no virusses/virus scan that are meddling with the game. In-game I run about 150 fps, no packet loss, Frame MS is near 6-7, Frame Server MS 0,0.


This is Apex Legends' fault!


I have changed nothing configuration-wise after the update. This problem is just there, and it needs to be fixed!


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Re: Delay while playing

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Don't know how many times I've ran in a door nose first since the update having to press twice on my controller lolol

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Re: Delay while playing

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The day of the patch was unplayable for me as well.  After 3 games suffering the same things you described I switched to BFV and had a great night of gaming.  I seem to experience a hit or miss when it comes to how Apex runs for me on a nightly basis.  It is really frustrating to not get a consistent performance when I can play BFV flawlessly any session I fire it up.

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