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Defence bar numbers changing drasticly same gear.

by WarWuChiWuGen

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Defence bar numbers changing drasticly same gear.

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PC Storm main.


Hears the strange part on my storm, GM2 SH runs, I run one with 12 armor blocks and others at like 33 can hardly count them, same gear.

Some times it changes if I move my weapons to different slots top and bottom and bottom to top same weapons, both have 50 percent shield and 80 percent armor. it's like some time they bonus stack and sometimes they don't. This will show up even if I am far away from the team, So unless the team's buffs are the whole instance its a numbers bug.


@@@I Strongly suspect that's why they won't give us defense and offense numbers on a character sheet.@@@. 

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Re: Defence bar numbers changing drasticly same gear.

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I think it changes who you play with as the game scales the difficulty depending on who is in the group, to allow anyone to play together.


Then I think that if you join the same mission on GM1 and then on GM3, alone or with the same squad, without doing any changes to your build, your bar will look different.

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Re: Defence bar numbers changing drasticly same gear.

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I did some testing before prior 1.0.4. using ariasaurs in Freeplay. They were dealing me exactly the same amount of damage to the shields and armour both when I had a small number of health and shields bars displayed and a large number of them.

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