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Decked Out

by NyGmen4Lif3

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Decked Out

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Does anyone know how to to get this Achievement ?


If the people that don't know what the achievement is from off the top of their heads. The Decked Out achievement is when you have to equip a Legendary Helmet and body armor at the same time. I've been trying to get this last achievement for the past month and a half almost and still can't seem to get the Helmet and Armor at the same time every now and again I find the legendary armor but not the helmet or visa versa.


I'm always finding the fully kitted legendary weapons [ie: peace keeper, R-301,R-99, etc] But no legendary armor or Helmet in the same area/ time.


has anyone gotten this achievement yet ? 


Also I'm over level 130+ if that means anything in trying to get this last achievement, I don't know if it is a level thing because I do find a lot of legendaries fully equipped weapons at least 3 or 4 per game session. More often then before it seems.

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Re: Decked Out

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Just as the description says, you have to have them equipped at the same time. It's honestly more so just luck, level doesn't have to do with it as I got the achievement when I was a low level. Just have to get lucky finding both, or if you have a gold item and your teammate has the other just ask if you can snag theirs for a second to get the achievement.  

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