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Death while playing game

by Fredhere123

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Death while playing game

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Hello need help  with my solder. I was playing yesterday and tagged guy on a tower then all of a sudden my solder started to lose life by it self. The only time it stops is when I am on a horse but as soon as I get of its starts again. life is taken out every second until complete death.   

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Re: Death while playing game

Community Manager

Hey @Fredhere123


We haven't heard of this type of bug yet. Is it still happening to you and do you have a recorded clip of this?

Some helpful info would be:


  • Class you were playing
  • Game mode
  • Map
  • platform you play on
  • What class the other player was you spotted (if possible)
  • Did it continue to happen after you redeployed

Thanks for the help!

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