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(Damage/"Health bar") We need to have a talk.

by Jacobba55

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Re: (Damage/"Health bar") We need to have a talk.

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I have a difference of opinion that won't be a popular one. 


I like the idea of a damage meter. 


Here are my thoughts


What are the chances that your health bar actually goes to zero. Not likely based on shown gameplay. They tell you Rhinos are coming. They tell you Spikes are on the way. The helicopters don't hit you and the aggression level even on heat level 5 was moderately aggressive at best. I'm not sure anyone will have trouble maintaining your hr long pursuits unless you are truly having a bad day. There wasn't even any real damage from driving through standstill objects. Oh I forgot, your tires re-inflate giving you opportunity to find a gas station. 


its Survival mode now. I speak for myself but I enjoy the idea of risk and reward. Stay way from higher heat levels if you can't drive or don't want to risk it. This adds more challenges for those of us looking for something more from need for speed other than... you drive forever with no real threat of ever being detained or losing anything. I'm not sure if the health bar should be implemented with All drive unless they give you lots of it because of trolls but I get bored quickly driving without a care in the game because it has no consequences. This raises the Stakes. Judging from the gameplay again, there isn't a very real threat even with this mechanic outside of AllDrive drivers hitting you. 


Maybe we have two gameplay modes that where one has no health meter and the other does. Again I'm not sure this should be added in multiplayer/All-drive unless there's a lot of it. 


Don't get me wrong I see where the damage/ health bar can become problematic as you all have shared your thoughts. I'm just not sure its as problematic as some of you think it will be without actually playing the game. The cops don't appear to have a smart AI. Maybe your health gets upgraded as you progress same as nitrous and other things. The only pain in the butt part of it really in my opinion, is whether you get health depleted for attacking back by ramming cops or others. Thats the real question. I would want to be able to ram something without penalty to health. 


I know you guys will shred me for this so I'm prepared. 





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Re: (Damage/"Health bar") We need to have a talk.

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Unfortunately, much to my ire too, it was outlined in a Gamescom interview that it is more about running now, and the collisions will ultimately be damaging so battling cops will no longer be possible at the same enjoyable extent as in the past.


Repairs ARE limited, you can't spam them like Rivals and your night is truly finite, whether you rush back to the safe house on Heat level 3 feeling underwhelmed, or following a cheap cruise missile tactic (courtesy of FVPD AI which might be reused, adding to the long list of things that are being recycled) and ending up in the back of a squad car. The risks seem minimal, you lose some bank, exactly how much is unknown but this will ultimately be a minor setback similar to Payback making you restart the event.


In fact, in a community poll by LP-RipperTV 24, I'm very pleased to announce that the damage bar was the change most players would make at a healthy 23%, taking the majority (bar "Other" which is a LOT of individual complaints) whilst others remained in single digits or significantly less.


It should be noted that the re-inflates are optional (fortunately), but these little "auxiliary parts" are all too reminiscent of Rivals. I have nothing against Rivals at all! However, the sheer amount of hatred from the community it gets for things like the racer pursuit tech, the hyper-aggressive RCPD, and the damage system... It can only be compromising for NFS Heat to share features with a game that seems so hated.


Overall, your points are great observations, but there is more to NFS Heat than all of us combined know. I merely don't want GHOST to throw it away again. My and others faith in them have utterly diminished over time, yet people are very willing to believe this is a comeback, almost too easily. We'll have to see, I suppose we should wait, though whilst providing contributions where necessary.


Rest assured, I won't disrespect you for having an opinion. I'll just have to disagree and try to change your mind, or at least ask why you'd be contrary. No worries though, I won't shred you!

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Re: (Damage/"Health bar") We need to have a talk.

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People against the damage bar! Have I got news for you?!


Our efforts have been recognised, not only as a group of like-minded people on EA Answers HQ, not only as a majority in a community poll, but now by a major NFS YouTuber's video. LP-Ripper has delivered, but his summary is merely the tip of the iceberg of the consequences that the damage bar holds. Keep up the great work, regardless of what you believe!


I promise I will endeavour to rid Heat of the limiting factor on pursuits. I'd also like to thank everyone on the thread for their points of view, contributions, and truly awesome support.


Video link:

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Re: (Damage/"Health bar") We need to have a talk.

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@Jacobba55 Actually I think Health bar didnt work in GG NFS because they used such setting in open world games.MW2012 was open world game,and Criterion got rid of Health bar in it.Even in old classic NFS health bar wasnt something for open world long chase(HP2 chase will end in a period of time,not forever like HP2010)Problem with health bar and open world is the length of agressive driving.The longer you drive,the closer you are to game over.So if new NFS wants to go full crazy to satisfy the blackbox era fans,maybe it's better to get rid of health bar.
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Re: (Damage/"Health bar") We need to have a talk.

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@Jacobba55 Also,speak of limitless chase with health bar in open world,actually Paradise did it with the Marked Man mode(And Road Rage mode).You are chsed by infinite Hunter Civilian killer car,and you have the kill count(Health Bar)but the mode takes place in open world rather than set course.And you cant recycle the same repair shop times over,the one closest to you will be closed after you use it once,and only this one will be shut(Cycle)Health bar wont be a problem if like Paradise,the repair shops are spread across the map with reasonable distance.Road Rage is also about takedown others but with limited health bar/crash times,and repair shops work the same way as in Marked Man.Paradise didnt put me off with that setting,I dont think it will be a big problem(Maybe because I missed all Blackbox NFS and went for Burnout in the past)
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Re: (Damage/"Health bar") We need to have a talk.

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What I will say is that Burnout is Burnout. Likewise, NFS is NFS. Well, most of them at least. Some entries are certainly debatable!

This is complicated by an issue, however. People have observed that NFS may very well be going through an identity crisis. That's actually quite feasible, there are radically different interpretations of what the series really is, and the identities in the form of each game that create huge divides pose a threat to a unified community.

In short, when I want high speed action courtesy of Criterion with B2D and takedowns, I boot up the PS2 and play Burnout Revenge. In the same way, when I want decent racing that (dependant on game) provides high speed exhilaration with a focus on more realistic handling, as well as police chases, I choose NFS.
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Re: (Damage/"Health bar") We need to have a talk.

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@Jacobba55 Criterion was the only development left for NFS back in 2009/2010 when HP2010 showed up. If NFS keep its own identity since the beginning., I think Blackbox games are farther from the root than HP2010 which brought Criterion B2D. The identity crisis has been a thing since 16 years ago. And Criterion was the only dev successfully return the series to its root. The content/style of game crash the identity worse than a new handling model. And that's what EA has forgotten for years
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Re: (Damage/"Health bar") We need to have a talk.

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Neither Criterion, nor Ghost Games evidently, were the best choice. I would like to think we don't have to stick to the root of the series all the time, but more rather use it as a guideline. To keep the fundamental principles of the series there, but also not to go to the other end of the spectrum and start abusing the NFS name, just so you can sell something that isn't really what you call it. That doesn't mean making a non-freeroam cops F&F with micro-transactions! Nor does it mean introducing a poor handling model that just so happened to set the trend for the next seven (possibly nine) years. It's almost too difficult to keep up with everything, like I said, one step forward, two steps back; a new glaring flaw with each release.


We know something needs to change, but I guess none of us know exactly what it is yet. It doesn't stop people from guessing what that is and then having their opinion criticised endlessly. Doesn't matter too much though, the mission against the damage bar is making steady progress, and I hope for you that NFS will continue to move closer towards it's root!


"All is but toys."

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Re: (Damage/"Health bar") We need to have a talk.

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@Jacobba55 I doubt EA will bring the series back to the root anytime soon. The Blackbox success was too huge to let go for EA. Hence why we get Heat-The Blackbox Megamix. I always prefer content/gameplay over a different handling. NFS needs a change of content style because with 2015 they cemented BB style as the definitive NFS, so when they stated back to the root about NFS2019. I thought it will be a classic style game. As we see now, Heat isn't anything remotely close to a back to the root shot. Such disrespect to series history makes me wanna see the end of NFS rather than wait another 8-9 years for a reborn classic NFS
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Re: (Damage/"Health bar") We need to have a talk.

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I know, and I completely understand. I feel for the fans who've been here longer than I have, a great amount of sympathy, and respect their wishes for a game that suits their wants and needs.


As well as that, the implementation of the Black Box era (or "Underground theme") is definitely something that I am beginning to question. Having played my copy of NFS Most Wanted 2005, without wishing to downplay the innovation of the pioneer games of NFS, I realise that it is so good that it simply can't be replicated nor can the success it had. It was amazing for it's time and continues to better many of more recent NFS releases, even if you disregard the cult following.


You have my sympathy for your patience. I can agree that the Underground theme isn't necessarily the right direction, as it will never truly be the same as before, but a remake isn't feasible nor necessarily right either.

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