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Re: (Damage/"Health bar") We need to have a talk.

by BLVD69

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Re: (Damage/"Health bar") We need to have a talk.

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@Jacobba55 BlackBox era was the hero of its time for the raging FF fever(UG1 was directly inspired by FF1,said by officials)And now FF become more like a junk superhero boom rather than street racer fantasy(Neither was of my taste)So EA tried to follow up with the rubbish PB.The problem was EA only remembered the success of BB era without remembered HP2 cannonball was the game put BB in the driving seat of NFS.I dont think FF style is totally junk,but at least classic fans like me should get chance to see a new classic style game in the future.I really dont have hope for NFS with EA ignore and F classic fans in the face through the years(2015 was the game killed classic NFS as a whole,and I hate it more than the FF fever UG/MW)
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Re: (Damage/"Health bar") We need to have a talk.

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LOL....Well here we go again a new game from NFS

You made some interesting points and I gotta say one thing

>>> Your right <<<  

Let's hope the multiplayer mode won't be a demolition derby event with other racers in events or our health meter is toast.

As for my opinion, I just say set things to Easy mode setting and make the game as fun for yourself as you can.

I also have much more to say about the new game in some threads I will be creating soon.

Keep looking for my intelligent commentary soon.

Take care @Jacobba55  

Have a good day & thank you for addressing this problem! High five

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Re: (Damage/"Health bar") We need to have a talk.

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Touched by your post. 😊 Thank you! I'll certainly keep an eye out. I'm just trying to make sure this game doesn't fall flat, after 2015 and Payback, we're certainly not taking any chances whatsoever. The second I saw a conspicuous bar next to the speedometer UI, I was on it. Slightly disappointed by the large amount of recycled assets as well, but stopping this is my top priority. Glad to hear your doing well!


In the meantime, I'll keep up the efforts to curb this menace. Good luck with your topics.

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Re: (Damage/"Health bar") We need to have a talk.

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Thank you for your well wishes and kindness in your response. 🙂👍

Wishing you all the best in gaming and topics here in the forums. 

Have a great day brother 😎

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