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Re: DPS Recounts and Performance Tracking

by WarWuChiWuGen

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Re: DPS Recounts and Performance Tracking

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@Xenowulf wrote:

@Valiantsword wrote:

 I’m sorry but YES we need a DPS dummy , I ran guilds for almost 20years now and helping people achieve victory in the MMO raid scene. You cant help someone get better if you don’t know how good/bad they are doin. This political correct culture of every child getting a trophy for showing up is gettin old fast. Every person is not gonna be naturally good at their class dps , they need to train. You need to know if people can pull their weight , a good leader will work with someone if they are worth keeping on a raid team. I’ve worked with a raid member in FF14 who was our worst dps ninja and brought him up to our second highest dps player because I measured his dps. Without a meter we would have not passed dps checks and just wondered who was bringing us down , instead we fixed the problem. Every person who’s been short on dps I’ve worked with if their team attitude was there , if someone can’t improve after a lot of my guidance I have to replace them with a more competent person , that’s life! A boss doesn’t keep a worker that isn’t productive don’t let low dps players hide in the shadow , address it and try to fix it , if it’s too broken get a new one , that’s life.

And this is the reason right here, with this mind set you end up with one optiminal build per class, and probally in the end one optimal class. you will pick this class and build your cookie cutter character and play as specified following these precise dps cycles with no variance. Any change to your playstyle or build will be regarded as deviant behaviour for seeking a slightly subpar build for the sake of fullfilling any other role other than dps especially fun.

Lol you think the absense of a dps meter will actually change anyone from running cookie cutter builds...i like the idea of stats at the end of a run because my friends and i like to compete for the highest damage output together...its just a old habbit from older mmos...

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Re: DPS Recounts and Performance Tracking

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dont kno about random groups. id like to see it for squads though. got 2 storms with me most of the time that only do priming for me. id like to see if i perform accordingly
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Re: DPS Recounts and Performance Tracking

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I dont think turning your Game into a job is the goal. I think that by being able to monitor details you can better your own builds, and understand your game play better.

Since anthem hasn't yet expanded far beyond first steps in the raiding department having a seriously tweaked team isn't on the menu quite yet. If your team is, Grats! But seriously for those who are concerned that meters cause drama, well, games cause drama and you can choose not to play with number tight nitwits.

I like the idea because you can monitor the game too! You can keep an eye on imbalances and bugs. You might be able to count how may combos you prime, and how many you bonus dmg from. You could see if your the Ranger proc Has healed the team and how often/well. How may echos did you grab? How about your neighbor? DId you hold most aggro? 

It would be fun to know those details!


(thanks for joining in all!)

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Re: DPS Recounts and Performance Tracking

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NO don't want to see a DPS meter - recount, or chat text, much less listen to anyone cussing and fussing racial comments, politics, etc.


My wife says this about goober leet types, " I want to be the best button masher in the world when I grow up". 

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Re: DPS Recounts and Performance Tracking

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i find its a nightmare to figure out my actual DPS with all the numbers flying off. my LMG seems to produce more and bigger numbers but my marksman rifle seems to make the bars go down quicker. its a bit of a pain to work out with so much going on. a simple DPS meter would help stoners like me to easily see which weapons are better in actual real world combat

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Re: DPS Recounts and Performance Tracking

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agreed, i personally dont care if im top or bottom, its a team game after all, not PVP. 

i would just like to know how much damage im actually doing compared to other builds as its a nightmare to work out. 

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Re: DPS Recounts and Performance Tracking

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so we end up with a game with virtually no comms. great. you can turn off text chat you know... this is what annoys me about gamers these days. i dont like x so i want it removed. just turn it off. i cant be arsed to use voice mic but sometimes its handy to use text chat. i guess gamers ruin games these days. im 44 so old enough to remember when games in the 90s had better comms than nowadays. i guess it was better when it was niche and not catering to everyone

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