Cybersecurity Month Feedback

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Cybersecurity Month Feedback

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Today I received an email promising me 1 month of Origin Access Basic for free in exchange for turning on Login Verification. I would like to give feedback on that as I have tried it before but it wasn't very happy with it on the whole.


The last time I had the 2 step login enabled I would get a code Every Single Time I logged in even though it was all on 1 computer and 1 phone. Now if that were only the case when I'd launch Origin I think I could live with that even though it should technically only trigger on machines that haven't been used to log in before.


But unfortunately this also includes any EA related site including EA HQ and forums like The Sims Forums. And as a person that never has any passwords remembered for security reasons that was simply too much of a hassle to outweigh the security benefits.


So I guess I will pass on this offer, and I hope that EA can take this feedback to the proper department and use it for everyone's benefit!

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Re: Cybersecurity Month Feedback

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Thank you for the feedback! In regards to the forums, do you have it where your password is saved though so you don't have to login every time? That can at least save you a little bit of time from having to use a code if you are comfortable storing your login information on the same PC. 


When you login there actually should be an option to "remember this PC" so you don't have to do it every time.

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Re: Cybersecurity Month Feedback

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Thanks! I checked it out but there is only an option saying "Remember me", which would save my login and password. But I never store my passwords for websites, partially due to other people using the pc, and partially because I see a lot of cases where people forget passwords because they never have to type them. And then when they do their in trouble! So what I wouldn't mind is to have to use a security code on a 'new device' but just my password on a 'known device', without having to have my password remembered. But when I had the feature on it treated my pc as a new device each time I logged in, not remembering that it was used before. So therefore I posted this feedback!

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