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Crypto - Hack Buff

by wy4ttc

Original Post

Crypto - Hack Buff

★ Novice

Crypto is in need of a buff in order to increase his play rate through his unique usefulness, namely his recon drone. Given that Crypto's Drone is named Hack, it should be such that it can be used to hack placed equipment during a firefight so that Hack will be more useful during engagements than just detecting where the enemy is located (which don't get me wrong, is very useful).


Proposed changes to Hack:


Rampart Amped Cover:

-Flip the direction of Amped Cover.


Caustic Gas Trap:

-Gas Trap act as if a Caustic was on your squad and placed the trap.


Wattson Proximity Security:

-Each node attached to the Hacked node composing a Proximity Security will be flipped to act as though a Wattson on your squad placed the security.



Given that most of the other placed equipment is usable by all squads no matter who placed it, a hack may not make sense unless it was an added feature or effect. Possible hacks:


Proximity Destruction:

-When approached by an enemy squad equipment will self destruct, damaging all enemies within the range.

-Could be used on all placed equipment that does not have a set duration (Loba's Black Market, Octane's Jump Pad, Lifeline Care Package, etc)



-Hacked equipment is powered down.

-Could be used on all placed equipment that have a duration(Gibraltar's Dome, Lifeline's Drone, Revenant's Totem, etc)


Another interesting change specific to Lifeline's Drone would be changing it from healing to damage and vice versa, but this would require much more extensive changes than the proposed above hacks.

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Re: Crypto - Hack Buff

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★★★★ Expert

I like your "HACK" Idea, give your XP, especially caustic hack.


Imagine Caustic has put all the traps, suddenly drone hack them, and enemy team mate didn't know, they got gased, it could be suprising ambush, love it.

If the gas are close to each other, drone could hack one then move to next one, and the whole room is full of gas, gonna be hilarious !


To balance it, the caustic should say something: One of my traps has been hacked and dissapear from the map.  Good team mate will pay attention to it, bad one simply got confused since they have to see the map and trap, see if this's belong to them.



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Re: Crypto - Hack Buff

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Rampart wall hack is good idea but it's hard to use since enemy ussually standing just behind it and they will shoot the drone before even close to it.



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Re: Crypto - Hack Buff

@wy4ttc I think a lot of the ideas are cool but we need to consider a couple things-

1- His tactical and ultimate take him out of fights in a shooting game. Think about this. I believe this alone makes people like me not want to use him.

2- In competitive he seems to be getting used more and more. I watched Albralelie use him and absolutely wreck pred lobbies.

Thinking about the above this means he has abilities already that are useful but he is high skill. I can count on one hand the amount of decent crypto I've played with. And this is due to him having to be in a drone for any special abilities. Until there is a change that makes that easier to switch between drone and not drone, his pick rate with stay low. Or if the buffs are like you mention and pretty extreme making his drone completely OP.
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Re: Crypto - Hack Buff

★★ Apprentice
@wy4ttc They just need to make Hack able to follow crypto (scanning behind him), lead crypto (scan in front of him) or for crypto to ping a spot then be able to use ult. If you could just tap Q and send hack into Frag East while taking zip across, buy the time you're there hack could have already EMP'd and crypto wasn't left behind.
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Re: Crypto - Hack Buff

@MrDef3ctive This is a genius idea!
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Re: Crypto - Hack Buff

★★★★ Expert

@hayhor People suggested this in the past, but we got push back since it's basically neurtrilize bangelore smoke, worst than BH scan/ultimate. since you can't see/shot the drone but they can fully see you. 

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Re: Crypto - Hack Buff

@asukojo Maybe the drone should have to take an always in front a way position that isnt too high? That way you can shoot it down fairly easily if you are alert and quick.
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Re: Crypto - Hack Buff

★★★★★ Guide
@hayhor hack needs to super power the team in view so crypto can hide safely. and the team cant say to cryto why are you not helping us. the drone has to help in the fight more.
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Re: Crypto - Hack Buff

@LIONLIONmutt The best thing the drone can do for the team is show where enemies are, which the ones guys idea does. It would lead or follow and would show where enemies are while crypto can attack.

Watching albralelie play as crypto he would be in and out of that thing so fast. As the emp would go off he would be on the other team pushing. Or he would place it in a position where it couldnt be shot and allowed it to show all enemies.
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