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Crashing Intermittently Since Launch

by ScrumptiousButts

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Crashing Intermittently Since Launch

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Hello Apex friends!


My boyfriend and I have experienced crashing since the game launched. On any given night, either he crashes or I crash, often during jump (right after coming out of the jumpship). The game freezes, and then the game simply closes with no error. Sometimes it happens during a firefight. He has an AMD VEGA 64 video card and I have a NVIDIA GeForce 980. He has a 4690K i5 and I have an i5 3570.


We've both tried turning video settings all to low, reverting to earlier driver versions (him AMD, me Nvidia to 417.71), compatibility Windows 8, shutting down Discord and switching to in-game chat (still got voice lag), etc. 


Neither of us have experienced these issues on any other games. We play Overwatch and Battlefield, no crashes or lag of any kind. Any other advice you guys can share? Attaching my dxdiag.

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Re: Crashing Intermittently Since Launch

Community Manager

Sorry to hear that you are having issues @ScrumptiousButts.

Best thing to do is go ahead and take some time to go through the steps in this help thread:


Let me know how you get on.



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Re: Crashing Intermittently Since Launch

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Since I run as Administrator it hasnt crashed on me yet! fingers crossed.
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