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Core Values - Moving Forwards and Getting Better

by hasand

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Core Values - Moving Forwards and Getting Better

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The big appeal for me is a game that has a wide variety of NPCs who really are characters and have their own story arc. I real;ly enjoyed the little interactions with the young barman and the arcanist deciding whether to go off and teach or remain and research., These were nice short vignettes that really helped fill out the world and make it more real. Hopefully we'll see more of this in the game as promised and have the ability to get more involved with their stories. I do recall devs and Bioware people referring to such inclusions in the game but haven't seen much of this on the gameplay videos - which is understandable as you want to show the core of the game. 

But don't you think that character driven subplots are totally congruent with a co-op game since they point at the same values? So one should expect the bigger story to include personal sub-plots, something Bioware has a proven track record of delivering.

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Re: Core Values - Moving Forwards and Getting Better

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I agree, but my time in the demo was spent in loading screens and shooting baddies willy nilly - I really wanted to get that stronghold master challenge (To beat 10 strongholds) and wish I tried the combo things.  But yes, the little teaser NPC interaction that was shown looked promising.


I trust that Bioware will get that balance right; keeping in mind that Anthem is primarily a multiplayer co-op action game.  So I expect more "pew-pew" and less "yadda-yadda" (For lack of a better term).  This is one of the reasons why I am so excited about Anthem - Them Mass Effect dialogues was quite a brain drain at 2am in the morning lol so getting more action is a nice shift.


However, having Bioware at the helm does guarantee that there will be a lot of story behind everything.   This is cemented in Casey Hudson's "Creating Worlds: The Future of BioWare" blog post stating:


Our mission is this:

We create worlds of adventureconflict, and companionship that inspire you to become the hero of your story.


So although I do not see the role playing aspect of their traditional games from being so prominent in Anthem, I recon there will be a few tender moments (As shown in their teaser videos - Especially that Baluk guy in the 2018 Game Awards trailer).



Interesting read on the subject at this Kotaku article.  It actually triggered a memory of the radio chatter during the missions.  I only started paying enough attention to it after my 5th Stronghold.  I see that as a way in which BioWare fills out the silence with creative banter.

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