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Re: Core Feedback - Maps, Next Steps | Discussion Thread

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@Bugshot wrote:

"I'm also missing information on the spawn system at start. For example, disabling forced spawn, or being able to see where I'm spawning better."

Another idea: I want to be able to spawn in my team's vehicles. This would also improve team play.

@Bugshot these are items we are reviewing, but there are no active development plans locked for those just yet.

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Re: Core Feedback - Maps, Next Steps | Discussion Thread

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@Straatford87 Given all the things that get continually confirmed as "not something we're working on/discussing yet"...what is the team working on? Because honestly it doesn't sound like they're working on very much given what's been publicly communicated so far.

It sure feels like there's only a skeleton crew left to look after 2042 right now and like the priority for the studio is the next BF that the team moved to, not finishing 2042 and delivering the product that y'all marketed to and sold us on.
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Re: Core Feedback - Maps, Next Steps | Discussion Thread

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Im happy to see that you are working on it.  But I dont understand why it is taking you guys so long.  


I still play the game.  I think it can be fun and spectacular at moments.  For me its the immersion that is completly lacking.  You have adressed it in this feedback but its kind of underwhelmimg.  Adding mud and barbe wire is great  but its only in the square that feel just dropped there.  We need more than that.  


Look back at BF3-4 and especially BF1.  All the exemples are there.  Just follow that.  Putting mud and barb wire at B1 in that square is not enough.  The buildings have to be damaged or on fire.  Not only the ones in the distance but on the playable map.  Sand bags,  trenches,  defensive settlement with machine guns and air defense,  The grass cant be perfect everywhere.  It too clean.  I feel like adding only one spot that is not in pristine condition is a poor mans band-aid.


As for VH.  I like the idea but yet again.  If only the infantry player had a way to counter-attack them it would be fine and add to that war feeling.  And again, why not just look how the VH balcne and respawn was done in BF4. Its there!  Fans love that game, why not just copy it.  


I feel like your trying to hard to do something different when the right formula already exists. 


And for cover.  Why not leave broken VH on the maps once they explode.  It would add cover, add immersion, be a some sort of levolution.   


The music has to go.  Fast.  I think this issue has not been adressed enough.  It has to go.  It dosent work and its poainful. the end round theme is not enjoyable at all.  Music , especially in BF1 and BF5 had a way to hype things up and make it feel epic.  Now it's sounds like a cat scratching a blackboard.  Really please adresse this issue.  I would love your feedback on that. 


Even the graphics are not quite what was shown in the trailers which is a let down for me as well. BF1 and BFV are older games and look amazing.


We need for next gen and old gen to be able to play toghether.   If all of these issues is a 128 player problem... well let's go back to 64 only. I like 128 but not at the expense of everything else. 


Bottom line, make it feel like a really good war movie.   That's what the fans want.    Have fans come and test the game in real time and get their feedabck.  Have the most famous BF contente creators come and give you their input (  Jack Frags, westie, Lossy, Level Cap) You need them more than you think in my opinion.  


Like in the movie field of dreams.  Built it and they will come.


We, the fans, need some good news very soon. 




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Re: Core Feedback - Maps, Next Steps | Discussion Thread

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@Straatford87 Like...really though, can we get a roadmap so we can have some sort of idea of the level of support the game is going to receive? Because it doesn't seem like much so far, and without knowing much about next month's patch we're just taking DICE's word for it and like..."Way ahead of schedule" was a thing y'all said about 2042 and that clearly wasn't the case as we can plainly see now.

It just feels like there's no urgency or motivation within DICE leadership to deliver BF fans who wasted our money on 2042 the product that was marketed to us. The game you sold us was not the game you marketed, and the game since launch is about as anti "live-service" as an online game can possibly be.
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Re: Core Feedback - Maps, Next Steps | Discussion Thread

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@edgecrusherO0 There are probably a dozen or less people still working on this game. There's no reason they would put money into a game that has probably 10,000 total players in a day across all platforms
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Re: Core Feedback - Maps, Next Steps | Discussion Thread

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First of all, the changes of maps, some of them like on Kaleidoscope which reduces open field is good, but remove the only building in Renewal around 25km what is the point ?

For other balance, put the bolt with tanks is a good thing in my opinion even if they are a bit too strong and hard to kill ( 2 AGM's, and too much recoiless )


Reducing number of attack heli is also a good thing cause attackers have so much aerial superiority.


Moving the Nightbird into Attack is a bad thing, you just should let everyone on your team to spawn into the nighbird no ? cause actually it's only the 3 sniper camper who never gonna go on point who took the spot of some objective players on the team.


And with this change defender gonna get 3 condors to get rid off, the heli wich is actually the most powerfull ( Put 4 players on a condor with communication litteraly no one can get them down ).

I should Nightbird should stay on transport cause it's a transport vehicle, we also need to get rid of the pods on the Nightbird as well, you nerfed it but it's still so unskill and even as an heli player i hate getting farmed by a noob who just spam 16 pods on my face.


Maybe add a minigun like bf4 to change the gameplay and add some stuff instead of the pods like a guided missile or idk, i guess you can have good idead

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Re: Core Feedback - Maps, Next Steps | Discussion Thread

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@Straatford87 you should very quickly pivot to address the forced spawn and vehicle spawns. All that happens at the start of the game is the enemy air vehicles come and kill everyone who is afk or changing their loadout. Moving the spawn locations and flags won't stop this.
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Re: Core Feedback - Maps, Next Steps | Discussion Thread

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Removing the forced spawn at start of round should be a no-brainer. Even coming up with any reason why this is in the game at all is hard (well, the ONLY reason that comes to mind is if this would have been designed to be a BR game where forced spawns would make sense).

But yes, removing forced spawns at start of round would IMPROVE the experience of the players which is a sure reason why they will NOT implement this change!
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Re: Core Feedback - Maps, Next Steps | Discussion Thread

@shawnyscore The slowness must be because there are 2 people working on this game lol
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Re: Core Feedback - Maps, Next Steps | Discussion Thread

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To summarise 



more cover

maybe more destruction visible

urban maps to be more CQB

more transport


specialist: do understand that a pay system is required these days but then at least have for example


option to choose between specialists and the original classes, i mean the AI soldiers look amazing would even pay for that 😂


I don’t know how that will be like


Standard soldier with

Assault specs

Medic specs 

Engineer specs

Sniper specs


And the payed model soldier in the way it is now as specialist


just thinking

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